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Pop Ceiling or Gypsum Ceiling: Which One Is Better?

    Nowadays we all know that the interior décor of the home or office is equally important. People spend a lot of money on making their place worth living. Interior décor will include ceiling, wall paint, furniture, lighting system, curtains, etc, all these things should be matched in such a way that it looks beautiful and appealing altogether. No doubt finalizing any of these things is quite challenging but when it comes to the ceiling, everyone gets confused about which type of ceiling to choose. Either go with the gypsum ceiling or pop ceiling. Which so ever you go with, it is better to find the best Pop channel Exporters in India for the best quality down ceiling. 

    There are some points of difference between the gypsum ceiling and the pop ceiling. Let’s have a look at them.

    • When it comes to the price the gypsum ceiling is costlier than the pop ceiling. The pop ceiling is available in the market around 20-25% cheaper than the gypsum. Rest depends upon the quality that you are comparing. If you want your interior work should be done at the most suitable prices then it is highly recommended to go with the pop ceiling.
    • If you looking for a greater look finish then the gypsum ceiling is better as it has the minimum number of joints in the finish. On the other hand, pop does not provide the finest finishing.
    • The gypsum ceiling is available in three different thicknesses i.e. 9mm, 12mm, and 15mm. so is their size varies with thickness. On the other hand, pop is available in standard size i.e. 2*2 feet. So it is up to the preference of the customer with which type of ceiling he wants to go with.
    • It is easier to work with the gypsum ceiling as it is delivered in a good finish. On the other hand for the pop ceiling, there is the requirement of highly skilled workers that will fix the roof. They should have all the skills that are required to fix it up. 

    So these are some points of difference between both these ceilings. Nowadays it has been seen that people are liking more of gypsum ceiling than the pop one. But when it comes to cost-cutting, the pop ceiling is the best choice for them. So it can be concluded that both these ceilings can be a great pick, rest everything depends upon the money and quality he wants. In any of these cases, first, take the advice of any of the interior design expert that will help in choosing the right material for your place. Check out the prices from the pop channel manufacturers in India, so that you have all the right information regarding them.

    You must keep in mind that the interior of the place depends upon the taste and preferences of the individual. All this combination reflects the personality of the person. So it is better to take these decisions gradually, making sure that your funds are being invested in the best possible way.