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Tag: Pop channel Exporters in India

pop channel suppliers and manufacturers in India

Popping Feature in The Ceiling Is The New Statement

Your name Your email Subject Your message (optional) The concept of the generation gap is gaining popularity these days. The generation gap is marking significant differences between the generations. These differences can range from people’s way of living to their choice and taste. The choice and taste are vividly transforming.

Pop channel Exporters in India 

Pop Ceiling or Gypsum Ceiling: Which One Is Better?

Your name Your email Subject Your message (optional) Nowadays we all know that the interior décor of the home or office is equally important. People spend a lot of money on making their place worth living. Interior décor will include ceiling, wall paint, furniture, lighting system, curtains, etc, all these

POP which is best for your house to make it look more elegant

Your name Your email Subject Your message (optional) Plaster of Paris (POP) is a building material having Gypsum as its fundamental segment. It is utilized for covering dividers and roofs and furthermore to make structural outlines. Plaster of Paris is produced as a dry powder and is blended with water

How to select the best POP Cross Ceiling Channel

Your name Your email Subject Your message (optional) Plaster of London is also a very flexible material. As it can be given any colour and structure, POP goes well with other materials used for the ceiling. POP is often used with wood for ceiling designs. POP ceiling with glass is