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    Product Highlights

    Defect Free

    Easy Installation


    Multiple Purpose

    • 1 Inches = 4 Boxes
    • Wire Thickness: 0.44mm to 0.58mm
    • Width: 3ft.
    • Length: 50ft.
    • Available in : 6.5kg, 7.5kg & 8.5kg

    • High Strength
    • Less P.O.P. Consumption
    • Without Cardboard
    • All G.I.Prime Material Used
    • Standard Weight
    • Rust Free
    • No Sagging
    • Easy Installation

    Backed by our successful history, we become the right choice when you want the highest quality, defect-free, long-lasting jali.

    6.5, 7.5, 8.5

    • Leangth 50 feet
    • 3 feet

    Buy Premium Quality POP Jali at Trimurti

    Everybody wants to have the house of their dreams. They save their hard-earned money to turn this dream into reality. When it comes to the construction of your house, you also pay attention to the rooftops. Nowadays, people want to make the rooftop of their house look prettier and more elegant. Most importantly, they want it to be secure. The highly preferred material in the making false roof is POP Jali. POP jail rooftops make the top of your house look beautiful. Many builders and contractors use this material in their construction work.

    POP Jali and its characteristics

    A pop Jali is a powder-based frame made up of a high-quality material called gypsum. It is used is to make false rooftops strong. The process of warming dries out the mineral gypsum, which further turns into the shape of POP. POP is a fine white powder, and it is used for numerous purposes.

    It is important to make sure the quality of POP Jali is good before its final application. There are many POP Jali exporters in the market, and Trimurti is the most renowned one in the industry.

    Characteristics of POP Jali

    Before the application of POP Jali, it is important to check if it is fireproof, light in weight, and contains warm protecting material.

    • POP Jali is a powdered frame that is diluted with water.
    • POP jail can be used to form a POP of any desired shape. Once it gets dry, it will turn into solid form and take the desired shape.
    • It is also used in joint fillings. The best characteristic of POP Jali is that it is sturdy and does not break easily.
    • The grip quality of POP Jali helps in making the surfaces smooth.
    Advantages of POP Jali
    • POP Jali makes the installation of a false roof easy.
    • It gives a clean look to your roof as it hides all ventilation work, electrical wires, funnels, etc.
    • Pop Jali helps in retaining the sound under the roof.
    • A roof made of POP Jali helps in reducing the heat of the room. This will further lower down your electric bills.

    POP Jali-made False roof gives an incredible look to your room. The above points make it clear that it not only increases the beauty and also protects the room from extreme environmental conditions. If you are planning to introduce a false roof, you must visit the best POP Jali manufacturers.

    Why choose Trimurti for POP Jali?

    Trimurti is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of wall care products in India. We aim to help customers in finding suitable hardware supplements for wall care products. For this, we provide a set of services. We are the POP Jali wholesalers who provide a range of POP Jali. Our POP jail is fireproof, lightweight, defect-free. It is also very easy to install. Our POP jail is suitable to put into various uses.

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