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    Product Highlights

    High Bonding & Shear Strength

    No Water Curing Needed

    Longer Pot Life

    Fast Setting

    No Pre Soaking of Tiles

    Water Resistant

    Appearance White powder
    Open Time 30-35 mins.
    Pot Life 2-2.5 hrs.
    Coverage (1kg) 3.5-4 sq.ft.
    with 4mm thickness
    Tensile Strength (N/mm²) 1.25 - 1.5
    Shelf Life 6 months
    From the date of manufacturing, when stored is dry conditions

    (*All tested results are under lab condition)

    • Glass Mosaic Tiles
    • Swimming Pool Tiles
    • Interior/Exterior Wall Tiles
    • Interior/Exterior Floor Tiles
    • Interior/Exterior Floor Stones
    • Interior/Exterior Wall Stones
    Trimurti products Plantium tile Adhesive