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Waterproof Wallputty

Trimurti Waterproof Putty is premium quality white cement based putty which is moisture resistant and has some unique properties. Additionally it contains an active German silicone polymer that provides a strong base to the plaster or concrete and mortar wall surface before applying topcoat paint or distemper and it protects your walls from water. It is a ready to use and unique type of powder putty made from white cement, hydrophobic RD polymers, German active silicone polymers and graded fillers. Its is Suitable for Interior Walls and Exterior Surfaces. Its Provides smooth and glossy finish to the surface.

Product Highlights

Contains active German silicon polymers

Better Whiteness & Workability

Provides smooth and glossy finish to the surface

Brings out the true color of the top coat

Curing free

2X water resistance


  • Remove all loosely adhered material such as dirt, dust and oil from the surface. Pre-wet the surface using brush, hose pipe spray or spread water using mug/cane. It is very important to wet the surface during application.
  • Slowly add 1 kg of Waterproof putty with clean water to make paste. Leave the paste for 5 minutes after thorough mixing to get best results.
  • After thorough mixing apply the first coat of Trimurti Waterproof Putty on the pre-wetted wall/substrate surface uniformly with the help of putty blade. Allow the surface to dry for at least 3-4 hours and then apply the second coat of Trimurti Waterproof Putty. Leave the surface to dry completely for the application of top coat paint/distemper.”