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    Product Highlights

    High Bonding & Shear Strength

    No Water Curing Needed

    Longer Pot Life

    Fast Setting

    No Pre Soaking of Tiles

    Water Resistant

    Appearance Grey powder
    Open Time 30-35 mins.
    Pot Life 2-2.5 hrs.
    Coverage(1kg) 3.5 - 4 sq.ft. with 4mm thickness
    Tensile Strength (N/mm²) 1 - 1.25
    Shelf Life 6 months
    From the date of manufacturing, when stored is dry conditions.

    (*All tested results are under lab condition)

    • Interior Wall Tiles
    • Interior/Exterior Floor Tiles
    • Interior/Exterior Floor Stones
    Top gold plus tile Adhesive in india

    Select the Best Gold Tile Adhesive in India At Trimurti

    Gold tile adhesive is manufactured with high precision by using selected pigments and special aggregates. It makes them a perfect material for binding several tiles like ceramic, marble, mosaic, homogenous, etc. These are pre-mixed materials that do not require additional effort for their application. They are suitable for joint-filling operations and are easy to use. Are you looking for the best gold tile adhesive in India? You must choose the gold tile adhesive provided by Trimurti to have the best results. 

    Our gold tile adhesive offers a sag-resistant feature that binds the tile to prevent it from falling off the wall. Our products contain unparalleled specifications and are the best choice for your walls. 

    What You Get With Our Top Gold Tile Adhesive in India?

    These are the attributes that make our product the top gold tile adhesive in India:-

    • You can use our gold tile adhesive for interior wall tiles, interior and exterior floor tiles, and interior and exterior floor stones. 
    • These offer a high bonding and shear strength, enabling them to facilitate a sustainable structure.
    • Our gold tile adhesive does not require any water curing for application. 
    •  You can use these easily, and these offer faster settings. 
    • These are water-resistant and can hold longer tiles, ceramics, stones, etc. 
    • Using our gold tile adhesive removes the requirement of pre-soaking of tiles. 

    Hallmarks That Make Us a Considerable Gold Tile Adhesive Manufacturer

    We have emphasized delivering our valued customers an unparalleled experience using our product. We are among India’s gold tile adhesive brands that provide ISO-approved and ISI-marked products. We do not make any compromise with the ingredients being used and mix the top-quality ingredients with the required precision and balance. 

    You also receive our products at a reasonable price and have the best experience without adversely affecting your pocket. We wish to be inclusive and have maintained a consumer-oriented price as a gold tile adhesive manufacturer

    We are committed to environmental well-being. Hence, we manufacture sustainable products that do not harm the environment or the person using our products. 

    What Places Trimurti Among the Top Gold Tile Adhesive Companies in India?

    We have years of experience as a gold tile adhesive company exporter from India. We have delivered our valued clients the products that enable them to create more durable and sustainable floors and walls. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who can create better products than other gold tile adhesive companies in India. We have gained customer trust through our dedicated efforts and years of maintaining quality aspects.