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    Abrasion Resistant

    Easy Installation

    Dimensional Accuracy

    Light Weight

    • 1 box = 100 pcs

    • 6mm

    Choose Trimurti for the Best Quality Fasteners

    Fasteners are equipment that holds two or more pieces of material together. The most common application of fasteners is to create permanent and nonpermanent joints, i.e., joints that are dismantled without causing damage to the components or at least are minimally invasive to the pieces in the application. Carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel are the most common materials used for manufacturing fasteners. Depending on the structure requirement, these create semi-permanent fastening, permanent fastening, and temporary fastening. 

    Fasteners are essential pieces of equipment where strength is a crucial factor. You can join a variety of materials using fasteners to have the type of joint you require. Fasteners offer many benefits, some of which are:-

    • More Efficient: These improve efficiency in several applications. Fasteners are easy to use and connect two or more components conveniently. Using them is more efficient, and it saves a considerable amount of time. 
    • The Factor of Safety: These are safer to use, and components connected by fasteners are less likely to be detached. 
    • Aesthetic Attributes: Fasteners improve the appearance of components that are attached using them, making them a better preference for creating joints. 
    • Strength and Durability: Joints created by fasteners are stronger and more durable than several traditional methods of creating joints. These create a tight connection that is resistant to vibrations and other forces or consistent strain. 
    • Cost-Effective: Fasteners are a pocket-friendly method of joining components. It is because they do not require the cost involved in methods like welding and bolting. Another reason is it requires lesser labor costs for installation and de-installation. 

    What Are the Different Types of Fasteners?

    These are different types of fasteners that are generally employed to join two components:-

    Nuts: These have a hexagonal shape and have internal threads that allow bolts to reciprocate. Nuts, when combined with bolts, create a non-permanent joint. 

    Screws: These have threaded shafts providing them a more durable holding power. Wood screws, deck screws, and machine screws are different types of screws for specific reasons. Screws are one of the most common fasteners used in construction and do not require anything to hold them in their place. 

    Nails: These have great shear strength and are useful in several applications. Nails generally used in construction are common nails, box nails, and brad nails. Common nails have a thicker shank that provides them greater holding power. The diamond point tip present in box nails offers them easy driving. Brad nails are used for their ability to blend in the wood trim. 

    Anchors: These create permanent joints having the same applicability as the boat’s anchor. The most common application of these is connecting something with drywall or concrete. They work by embedding themselves in the material they hold. These are some common types of anchors:-

    • Internally threaded anchors
    • Externally threaded anchors
    • Masonry screw and pin anchors
    • Screw anchors
    • Hollow wall anchors
    • Sleeve anchors
    • Drive anchors

    Rivets: Creating permanent joints is also an application of rivets. Their structure consists of a head and a tail mounted on a cylindrical shaft. These are more durable in comparison to other types of fasteners. Some of the most common types of fasteners are:-

    • Blind rivets
    • Semi-tubular rivets
    • Solid rivets
    • Split rivets
    • Drive rivets

    What to Look for in a Fasteners Manufacturer?

    Fasteners manufacturers should facilitate their clients with ISI-marked and ISO-approved products. You should look for the reputation of the brand and reviews left by its existing customers regarding its service and quality delivered in its products. Best fasteners are manufactured by the precision of material, and you must check for the same to have products as per your aspiration. Whether you are buying to have a dream home or to create sustainable buildings that you can sell to your customers, you must not compromise on the quality of the material. 

    How Is Trimurti the Best Fasteners Manufacturer in India?

    We, as a fastener manufacturer in India, do not compromise the quality of products and maintain standard protocols while manufacturing them. We have a team of skilled professionals who enable us to manufacture fasteners that contribute to creating sustainable and durable structures. Being in the same line of business since 2004, we have gained insight into issues that people usually face. We do not just mechanically manufacture fasteners, but we address the issues our customers face with our personal touch. 

    We maintain excellence and consistency that facilitate the best quality products that remain intact throughout their shelf life. Our primary motto is customer satisfaction; to address the same, we maintain world-class quality at a lower price. We have deep ethical values and deliver the service and product as we have committed to our valued customers. To address all the needs of our customers, we have a single base that provides them with all construction-related products.