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Quick Bond

Trimurti is the leading manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of the highest quality Quick Bond which increases pull out strength by 20 times in comparison with conventional hacking process. Trimurti Quick Bond is a high-performance bonding agent for gypsum and sand cement plaster that can be applied on any concrete surfaces like RCC columns, beams, slabs, shear walls, or any other low-suction surfaces.

It is a faster bonding agent that enables preparation of ceiling and wall surfaces under 24 hours’ time.
Its waterproofing properties prevent leakages from the plaster. It also has a dual bonding feature that provides mechanical as well as chemical grip and eliminates the risk of debonding gypsum or sand cement plaster.

Product Highlights

Ready to Apply

Dual Bonding

UV Resistance

Single Coat Apply


  • Ready to Apply
  • Distinctive green color to identify easily.
  • Very strong mechanical and chemical grip.
  • Best for Gypsum & Sand-Cement Plaster both.
  • No hacking required.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Time-saving.
  • Strong and durable bonding.

  • Ready to Apply
  • Dual Bonding
  • UV Resistance
  • Single Coat Apply
  • Concrete surfaces must be cleaned with water to remove dust and other impurities.

  • Suitable to apply on any concrete surfaces like RCC columns, beams, slabs, shear walls, or any low-suction surface.
  • Used as a bonding agent for Gypsum and sand cement plaster.
  • Project – ATS Housing

    Following a trust and faith in Trimurti and its products like Trimurti Wall Putty, POP.

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    Concrete Surfaces are strong, but they get damaged naturally as time passes. In such situations, you have two options to choose from. One is to dismantle the floor and rebuild it again, and the second one is to resurface the existing one with the help of a bonding agent. The earlier one would be costly in terms of money, efforts, and time from the two given options. So, it would be better if you go for restructuring the existing one using a concrete bonding agent.

    Why do we require a bonding agent to restructure the existing surface?

    In the concrete mix, the cement does have any natural bonding agent. The fresh concrete will not stick to the existing one instead, it will only form a separate layer. So, the restructured floor will not be so strong as earlier and would get easily damaged again.

    Here arises the importance of bonding agents like Quick bond which needs to be applied or painted on the top of the existing surface before adding the fresh concrete to it. This bond will ensure better adherence to fresh concrete on the existing one.

    What is Quick Bond?

    Quick bond is a bonding agent that is specially designed to make quick repairs. It glues almost all kinds of metals. It is a special gel that greatly holds metals and let them stick together. It is best suitable for concrete surfaces. It can be applied on surfaces like beams, slabs, shear walls, etc.

    Characteristics of Quick bond

    The following are the characteristics of the quick bond

    • It is easy to use and apply.
    • It also helps in reducing the cracks which get formed due to shrinkage.
    • The quick bond ensures better adhesion between concrete layers.
    • It has waterproof properties, which further help in preventing leakages from plaster.
    How to use quick bond as a bonding agent?
    • It is first advised to clean the existing concrete surface. To ensure the better working of the quick bond, it is important to remove all dirt and dust from the existing concrete surface.
    • The next step is preparing the mixture. The user is advised to go through the instructions and shake the chemical before putting it into use. The product should be diluted with the water and mixed thoroughly.
    • After preparing the mixture, the user must apply the same within the instructed time. The user must check the time within which the mixture should be applied.
    • In the next step, the user has to apply a primary layer of the bond to the existing layer before adding a fresh concrete layer onto it.
    • After the fresh concrete layer, the user must smoothen up the same with the help of a trowel.
    Why choose Trimurti for its bonding agent quick bond?

    Trimurti is one of the leading quick bond manufacturers in India and large-scale distributors, exporters, and suppliers of high-quality wall care products. At Trimurti, we look after customers’ needs and invest in the research and development of our products accordingly. We want to furnish the best quality of products to our customers. Our brand is one of the most trusted ones among architects, builders, and contractors.

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