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    Product Highlights

    Super White & Super Strength


    Made From Indian & Imported Gypsum

    Special Power Packing


    • Faster to apply and quicker setting time than traditional sand cement plaster.
    • Tensile strength of 7.6 kg/cm2 and Traverse Strength of 47 kg/cm2.
    • ISI and ISO certified non-combustible, high-quality products.
    • High Thermal Resistance R = 0.07m²K/W at 13mm thickness.

    Benefit & Advantages

    • Gives the structure an ultra-super-white finish.
    • Saves time and resources.
    • Strengthens the structure after hardening.
    • Zero to Low maintenance and longer life span.
    • Keeps temperature down in summer and high in winter.

    Setting Time 15-20 min
    Residue 2% – 4%
    Whiteness 75%-80%
    ISO-Certified Yes
    ISI-Certified Yes
    Wastage NIL
    Transverse Strength (kg/cm²) 18-22
    Compressive Strength (N/mm²) 3-5
    Density (kg/m³) 700-750
    Chemical Composition Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrate [CaSO₄.1/2H₂O]
    Water to Material Ratio 1 : 1.25
    Coverage (1kg) 1 sq.ft. with 12mm thickness
    Shelf Life 12 months
    From the date of manufacturing, when stored is dry conditions

    Note: Mix powder in water, not vice versa.
    (*All tested results are under lab condition)

    • Before applying, remove any dust, loose particles, oil, traces of adhering material from the surfaces.
    • It’s better to use sandpaper, putty blade or wire brush to help it clean.
    • To achieve good workability and higher coverage always pre-wet the surface before application.
    • All holes and cracks on the surface of the brick wall should be repaired before plastering.
    • Hacking is necessary before application.

    • Expert Plaster is mostly applied as a protective coating on walls and ceilings.
    • It is also used as a molding and casting agent for decorative items and elements.
    • It is required to give aesthetic finishing touches to the structures that beautify them.
    • Because of its fire-resistant nature, it is also used to avoid fire hazards in a building.

    Project – Hilton

    Trimurti expert P.O.P has been an integral part of finishing and designing the interior.

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