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    Trimurti Tile Grout Admix is a liquid polymer mixture intended to be mixed with Unsanded Grout to increase bond strength, flexibility, efficiency, durability and reduce the setting time of unsanded grout. It is used in place of water to improve the performance of unsanded grout.

    Product Highlights

    Easy to clean

    Higher Compressive Strength

    Reduces Water Absorption

    Improves Flexibility & Durability of Grout


    • Pot Life : 1 Hour
    • Time to Foot Traffic : 24 Hours
    • Time to Heavy Traffic : 72 Hours
    • Wet Density : 1730 Kg/m³ Packaging: 400 ml
    • Grout Admix to Tile Grout Ratio = 400 ml: 1 kg


    • Used in Place of water in Grout.
    • For Interior & Exterior floor & wall joints.