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    Tile Spacer

    Tile Spacers are from prime PVC raw material. It is used for precise grout line between tiles. It can be used on all types of tiles and stones, such as vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, terracotta, brick and large format tiles. It can be applied for tiling floors and walls in interior and exterior areas. It is intended for use in domestic applications, commercial applications, and in dry and wet areas. Tile spacers for tiles come in different sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm. The availability of different sizes of grout spacers allows professionals to achieve grout lines ranging from narrow to wide. It also ensures that there is the right amount of product in the tile joints so that they can be grouted properly. Using spacers for tiles provides a safe and durable surface.

    Product Highlights

    Consistent spacing

    Uniform lines

    Prevents cracking

    Allows expansion

    Benefit & Advantages

    • Prevents lippage
    • Easy installation
    • Durability
    • Highly flexible


    • Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and free of debris before installing the tiles.
    • Dry-lay the tiles on the surface to ensure that they are spaced evenly and that the layout looks good.
    • Evenly Insert the tile spacers at the corners of each tile and flush with the tile edges.
    • Adjust the spacers as needed to ensure that the tiles are spaced evenly.
    • Allow them to set for the recommended time, then remove the tile spacers.
    • Once the spacers have been removed, apply the grout to the gaps between the tiles using a rubber float,
    • After the grout has been set, clean the surface of the tiles with a clean, damp sponge to remove any remaining grout haze.