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    Our religious scriptures have a famous saying of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means “The whole world is one family”, and that exactly is Trimurti’s vision here. When Trimurti treats the world as one family, it cares for it like its own. So, the products which Trimurti develops are not just the best but also sustainable. The vision helps Trimurti to hold its ground and still have no limits to its reach.

    Trimurti started back in 2004 and a lot has changed since then but the core fundamentals have never changed. We believe in customer satisfaction as we are here for the long haul. If a customer is satisfied with Trimurti’s products, then and only then they are going to come back to us. And that satisfied customer is the best investment one can do to advertise their products. That’s why we focus strongly on understanding the needs of a customer because it might look that all the buildings you see are made from similar materials but it’s not the truth. Be it a Builder, Architect, Interior Decorator, or Contractor, every client has their own vision of their creation and we respect that. Hence, we dedicate a whole team of experts to deal with a particular client. It helps us understand them better and build trust.

    One of the most important aspects of our working approach is to “Think Green”. Trimurti doesn’t work just for profit but for society as well. That is the reason we try to minimize the carbon footprint and chemical waste the industry creates. It starts with our choices of raw materials energy consumption low emissions and so on. We see to it that “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” is realized and protected.

    Mr. Manik Gupta


    There is a reason why we are called Trimurti. Trimurti in its pure sense is the triad of our supreme divinity Lord Brahma – The Creator, Lord Vishnu – The Preserver, and Lord Shiva – The Destroyer. And as we are in the construction industry, we treat these three with the utmost respect. Trimurti believes that the combination of these three divine powers is a necessity in the construction industry.

    We start with the creation and focus that it should be beautiful and long-lasting but we also keep in mind that the destroying power of our nature is stronger so we put extra research and efforts to make our products strong enough to survive any situation.

    Trimurti started with the idea of helping people create their own world, achieve their dreams, and most importantly create it beautifully. So, our products are not just strong and sustainable but it beautifies the overall structure. Who doesn’t want their homes, offices, hotels, highways, etc. to look like a masterpiece?

    We also want our clients to receive the best product timely and without any discrepancy so we don’t only manufacture the said products but also export, distribute, and supply them all over the world. So that you get what you paid for and as quickly as possible. The exponential growth of our company in such a small duration has proven that until now our thoughts and approach are in the right place and our customers are happy. Our vision is to keep them happy and continue with the path shown to us by the divine trinity, i.e. Trimurti.

    Mr. Rahul Gupta


    Our Milestone


    Established our foot in the business with 1st POP Plant producing 9600 ton POP yearly.


    Gained the ISI Mark with adding two more factories in Bikaner, Rajasthan producing 30,000 ton POP yearly.


    Growing our strength to 4 more factories In Bikaner producing 90,000 ton POP yearly.


    Inaugurating new Wall putty plant in Alwar Rajasthan adding 36,000 ton yearly to our business.


    Bringing One coat Gypsum Plaster And Quick Bond in the Trimurti Family.


    aking step forward with Launching trimurti hardware products.