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    Product Highlights

    Super White & Super Strength


    Made From Indian & Imported Gypsum

    Special Power Packing


    • Faster to apply and quicker setting time than traditional sand cement plaster.
    • Tensile strength of 7.6 kg/cm2 and Traverse Strength of 47 kg/cm2.
    • ISI and ISO certified non-combustible, high-quality products.
    • High Thermal Resistance R = 0.07m²K/W at 13mm thickness.

    Benefit & Advantages

    • Gives the structure an ultra-super-white finish.
    • Saves time and resources.
    • Strengthens the structure after hardening.
    • Zero to Low maintenance and longer life span.
    • Keeps temperature down in summer and high in winter.

    Setting Time 15-20 min
    Residue 2% – 4%
    Whiteness 75%-80%
    ISO-Certified Yes
    ISI-Certified Yes
    Wastage NIL
    Transverse Strength (kg/cm²) 18-22
    Compressive Strength (N/mm²) 3-5
    Density (kg/m³) 700-750
    Chemical Composition Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrate [CaSO₄.1/2H₂O]
    Water to Material Ratio 1 : 1.25
    Coverage (1kg) 1 sq.ft. with 12mm thickness
    Shelf Life 12 months
    From the date of manufacturing, when stored is dry conditions

    Note: Mix powder in water, not vice versa.
    (*All tested results are under lab condition)

    • Before applying, remove any dust, loose particles, oil, traces of adhering material from the surfaces.
    • It’s better to use sandpaper, putty blade or wire brush to help it clean.
    • To achieve good workability and higher coverage always pre-wet the surface before application.
    • All holes and cracks on the surface of the brick wall should be repaired before plastering.
    • Hacking is necessary before application.

    • Expert Plaster is mostly applied as a protective coating on walls and ceilings.
    • It is also used as a molding and casting agent for decorative items and elements.
    • It is required to give aesthetic finishing touches to the structures that beautify them.
    • Because of its fire-resistant nature, it is also used to avoid fire hazards in a building.
    pop plaster of paris
    waterproof wall putty

    Project – Hilton

    Trimurti expert P.O.P has been an integral part of finishing and designing the interior.

    Trimurti: The Best Expert Plaster Manufacturer in India

    Expert plaster is one of the most sold products for constructing and renovating homes and space for its distinct properties. Its characteristic feature of extra coverage and whiteness to walls and surfaces; make it a lucrative product. You can use these as a protective coating on walls and ceilings. You must choose reputed expert plaster manufacturers in India to have a sustainable product. The same guarantees the vital quality you look for in construction goods.  

    With ISO-approved and ISI-marked products, expert plaster manufacturers in India facilitate their consumers with the best quality products that enable them to create sustainable structures for personal and commercial purposes. To provide goods with aspired specifications, expert plaster manufacturers in India employ the best practices and maintain the required balance while manufacturing. 

    What Makes the Best Expert Plaster?

    Making the best expert plaster requires precision and the employment of standard industrial protocols. Best expert plasters act as molding and casting agents for decorative elements, requiring a homogeneous chemical consistency. Transverse strength, compressive strength, density, etc., facilitate a durable aesthetic property to walls and surfaces. 

    Best expert plasters are fire-resistant and provide buildings resilience against any fire hazard. Their chemical properties provide them a high thermal resistance and resilience against combustion. These facilitate higher coverage and are easy to apply on walls and surfaces, making them a less time-consuming and money-friendly option. 

    Is Expert Plaster a Subcategory of Gypsum Plaster?

    Yes, expert plaster is a segment of gypsum plaster and is one of the best choices for building maintenance. Using this category of gypsum plaster reduces the need for constant maintenance. 

    Miscellaneous Attributes of Expert Plaster of Paris

    These are some attributes of expert plaster of paris that make them a preferable option for construction and home renovation:-

    • These provide walls and surfaces with an extra white appearance and a finer finish. 
    • When employed rationally, these enable you to save time and resources. 
    • When applied with an appropriate proportion of water, these harden to provide walls extra strength and resilience. 
    • These reduce the requirement of maintenance and provide surfaces with a longer life span.
    • Using these provides a comfortable space against harsh weather conditions. 

    Choose the Top Expert Plaster Manufacturers in India

    We at Trimurti, believe in delivering the best quality products that enable our valued customers to have better surfaces and walls. These are some of the USP’s that make us the top expert plaster manufacturer in India:-

    Best Expert Plaster Manufacturers With Reputation and Experience

    We have manufactured construction materials since 2004 and have gained insights to facilitate our valued customers with the best product with our skilled employee base and well-lubricated machinery. 

    Employment of Best Practices As the Best Gypsum Plaster Manufacturers

    We do not make any compromise with the raw materials used to deliver you the final product. We follow standard industrial protocols to ensure you have the right ingredient to create a sustainable structure.