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SINCE 2004
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Our Products

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Trimurti Wall Care Products - The Perfect Combination of Quality and Durability

Trimurti is India's premier brand for wall care products. Founded in 2004, we have grown to be the favourite brand when it comes to these products. Trimurti wall care products Pvt. Ltd. are recognized as a trustworthy brand for quality and durable products.

As buildings grow taller, it grows increasingly important to ensure that walls are strong and secure - for building and maintaining such walls, state-of-the-art quality wall care products. Trimurti Products can be your partner for making excellent walls that can withstand stains and pressure. Allow us to tell you a little more about our products.

Trimurti Wall Putty

Trimurti wall putty is excellent wall putty with several advantages, including the following:

Trimurti wall putty price

Trimurti wall putty price is the best in the market. Our prices are the best you can expect for quality products. Trimurti putty price makes it an excellent investment.

Enhanced the adhesion of the paint

That shall help create smooth surfaces. Further, it also fills any holes, small cracks, etc.

Applicable to a variety of surfaces

Our houses, buildings, and walls have different types of surfaces. Trimurti expert wall putty can be easily applied to a variety of surfaces.


One of the biggest reasons for using wall putty from Trimurti Products is that it can resist such exposure to water as may be expected from rains.

  • Excellent tensile strength
    Trimurti wall putty has an excellent tensile strength; that is, it holds well even under pressure. Thus, it won't break loose easily.
  • EHigh coverage
    Coverage of wall care products refers to the space to which one can easily apply it. Combined with price, it determines how much it will cost to paint a wall.
  • Trustworthy
    For a very reasonable Trimurti putty price, you get a product and brand that has proven itself trustworthy.

Trimurti wall putty is, in short, the best protection for your walls.

Trimurti POP

Trimurti POP has grown to be a famous brand for both residential as well as commercial production.

Best Trimurti POP price

Trimurti POP price is the best price for top-quality plaster of Paris. The low Trimurti POP price makes it an ideal low-budget construction solution.

Trimurti Products trust

Another reason to go for our products is the trust that comes with the brand name 'Trimurti Products'.

Trimurti POP is light

Trimurti POP is very light and thus is an excellent option for making wall decorations. Due to its low density, it won't exert too much pressure on the walls.

  • A favourite among architects
    POP from Trimurti Products is popular among interior decorators and architects because of its flexibility. Not only can it be easily moulded into any shape without developing cracks and maintaining a smooth surface, but you can also easily add colours of your choice. As you can guess, that means unlimited opportunities for imagination and creativity.

Trimurti POP is excellent if you are looking for plaster of Paris for aesthetic decorations on walls, ceilings, etc.

More Reasons for Going with Us

Trimurti wall care products also offer you several other excellent advantages, including the following:

Durable wall care products

All our wall care products are highly durable. Durability, in this case, ensures that your walls won't need your attention again soon after you use them. That also means that using our products shall prove cost-effective in the long run. Trimurti wall putty will increase the life of your walls by several years and thus can be an excellent partner for construction spaces.


Trimurti wall care products are non-toxic. That means they are made from environment- friendly products. Further, Trimurti Products don't release any toxic substances to which people might otherwise be exposed. Such toxic substances can be harmful to the health of exposed people.

Easy to use

All Trimurti Products are incredibly easy to use. That said, you must follow all the instructions in using them to ensure the best experience.

Plethora of choices

For all Trimurti Products, including Wall Putty, Plaster of Paris, tile adhesives, epoxy grout, etc., you will find several excellent choices to choose from. You can easily check the information for different products and order the ones best fit your requirements.

More about our products

The following are some of the other reasons you should use our products:

  • Trimurti expert wall putty for all types of walls - Trimurti expert wall putty is a premium quality product that is an excellent way of making lasting walls.
  • Trimurti Tile Adhesive - Trimurti tile adhesive is the best type of adhesive to use with walls. Trimurti adhesive can be used for a variety of surfaces.
  • Trimurti Epoxy Grout -  - Trimurti Products also offers excellent epoxy grout that can also be used for filling purposes. Our epoxy grout is a special type of grout made using high-quality epoxy resins and hardeners. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, durable, and cost-effective. The grout can be used on tiles as well as other types of surfaces.
  • Trimurti Tile Adhesive - Trimurti adhesive for tiles is one of the best tile adhesives that provide excellent adhesive power, is capable of finding its space between tiles, and yet helps in maintaining aesthetic beauty.

Trimurti Products - A Brand You Can Trust

Trimurti Wall Care Products has grown to be a household name and have helped build residential and commercial places. We have earned a reputation as a trustworthy name by serving our customers faithfully.

With an extensive portfolio, we can be your single-stop solution for all types of wall care products. Thus, Trimurti Products is the best brand if you want the best quality for your walls.

Our website offers you all the details and information about our products, including technical information and instructions on how to use the products. You can check the information for each Trimurti product and make an informed choice about ordering them.

If you have doubts or queries, please feel free to raise them with us. Just try our products once, and you shall find a brand that you can trust all your life.



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