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    Premium Stainfree Epoxy Grout

    Epoxy Grout is a kit of 3 components Part A - Resin, Part B - Hardener, Part C - Filler which is made from solvent free epoxy resin as manin raw material, fumed silica is used for thickening agent Titanium dioxide is used for white pigment and barite (barium sulfate) as filler. It is stain free and long lasting for 40-60 minutes and is also suitable for dry and wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, high traffic areas and swimming pools in residential and commercial areas including industries, hotels and shopping malls. For easy application to obtain a uniform color and paste between tile gaps without shrinkage and can be used for joints up to 12 mm for ceramic, vitrified tiles and stones can be done for filling. For best results use the paste within 60 minutes at 25°C and do not add water to the mixture.

    Product Highlights

    Stain free

    Long Pot Life

    Chemical and heat resistance

    High Strength

    Easy to apply and water cleanable

    Shrinkage free

    Chemical and heat resistance

    Benefit & Advantages

    • Time-saving
    • Customization
    • Increased safety
    • Highly productive


    • Combine the hardener and resin in a clean container. Stir it well until completely mixed.
    • Add filler powder and stir to smooth consistency.
    • Apply the paste firmly with a squeeze trowel and ensure that the joints are completely filled. Immediately fill the excess material from the tiles.
    • Wipe out the surface with a slightly damp cloth or sponge. After that, clean the surface with a dry cloth and wait for 24 hrs to start using it.