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    Product Highlights

    High Bonding & Shear Strength

    No Water Curing Needed

    Longer Pot Life

    Fast Setting

    No Pre Soaking of Tiles

    Water Resistant

    Appearance Grey powder
    Open Time 30-35 mins.
    Pot Life 2-2.5 hrs.
    Coverage(1kg) 3.5 - 4 sq.ft. with 4mm thickness
    Tensile Strength (N/mm²) 0.75 - 1
    Shelf Life 6 months
    From the date of manufacturing, when stored is dry conditions.

    (*All tested results are under lab condition)

    • Interior Floor Tiles
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    Improve the Adhesion Quality With Trimurti’s Floor Tiles Adhesive

    The adhesive has been used for centuries for the adhesion of marble and tiles in construction & interior work. Traditionally, tile cement is used for the adhesion of tiles to fit them on the walls & floors and offer a longer life. However, nowadays, tile requires some things to advance from the traditional adhesion process due to its various drawbacks. The traditional adhesion process used a solution consisting of tile cement and sand. Over time, cement dries, which becomes the reason for shrinking, and leaves a hollow space below the surface of tiles. Due to this, many weak surfaces are created on the floor, and tile cracks when force is applied to them.

    Tile adhesive comes into the picture to solve the problem that can be used for a wide range of tiles. These are self-adhesive floor tiles that prevent shrinkage, slippage, and breaks of tiles. However, silver plus tile adhesive is a special product used for office and house interiors. At Trimurti, you will get the best quality adhesive that has strength & durability. We facilitate our customers with a wide range of products that fulfill their needs.

    Why Should You Use Silver Plus Tile Adhesive?

    The traditional adhesion method has many drawbacks that cause damage to your tiles and take too much time and effort to settle. So, you should use tile fixing adhesive like silver plus tile adhesive for adhesion of the tiles that will offer you the following benefits.

    A Less Time in Adhesion

    Using silver plus tile adhesive for joining the floor consumes way less time than other tile fixing solutions as it comes with ready-to-use packaging. In our tile adhesive packet, you will see the guidelines that are crucial for adhesion, and you can use them for various tile problems like joining. Mix it with a small amount of water at the time of use, saving you a lot of time and effort. It will reduce the construction time, helping you to follow a quick construction procedure.

    Lower Wastage

    Other tiles fixing solutions like cement need to make a mixture with sands which can lead to a low observant tile as cement shrinks over time due to dryness. When you try to add the broken tiles with cement, it will give you a bad look. On the other hand, our self-adhesive floor tiles facilitate you with low wastage of tiles as it doesn’t shrink. It also helps you with the broken tiles, creating a heavy layer.

    Economical Option

    Using tile fixing adhesive in India is an economical option that reduces the expense of construction in many ways. Our products have charts showing you the required material needed for the particular area. Due to this, waste reduces, and you can buy the material precisely. The tile adhesion demands less time, allowing you to gear up the construction process. It will reduce the labor cost as workers will do the work quickly. However, a time-consuming process will cost you more money and effort, so choose a fast and efficient one and buy the adhesive from our website.


    In traditional adhesion, a thick joint is created between two tiles due to the thick cement mixture. It has a messy look and requires too much time and effort to settle down. On the other hand, adhesive mixtures have a thin joint that can easily spread over the tiles without taking up too much space. Even a thick adhesive joint will be significantly less, which can be easily ignored. A thin joint will enhance the visual appearance.

    Provides Insulation

    Insulation is the biggest reason to use tile fixing adhesive for people as it acts as a thermal insulator. So, if you adhere tile on the wall with the help of adhesive, it will prevent heat as joints are very thin. 

    How to Pick a Right Tile Adhesive?

    Choosing an adhesive might be an overwhelming task for you due to the various options.

    • Understand the type of tiles so you can know about your needs. Trimurti will help you to find the best adhesive to fulfill your needs.
    • Know about the substrate so you can find the right adhesive.
    • The type of adhesive also depends on the area where tiles need to be located.
    • In the end, know about the adhesive drying period.

    Why Buy Tile Adhesive from Trimurti? 

    Tile fixing adhesives in India is crucial for a better quality adhesion of tiles. Trimurti manufactures the best adhesive, so whenever one can think of wall care, Trimurti comes to mind. We continuously develop our products to offer the best quality without compromising the required ingredients. Trimurti has a highly-skilled workforce that follows international standards to manufacture world-class products. However, if you want an adhesive for your office and house, try our silver plus tile adhesive. It is a special product for office and house interiors to enhance the visual appearance.