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    Premium Wall Putty

    Trimurti wall putty is a water-resistant white polymer-based putty that provides a strong base on concrete, mortar walls, and ceiling. It is suitable for both interior and exterior walls. We are the leading manufacturers of a wide range of Wall Putty products. We use Korean Polymers and high-quality white cement, which gives a longer life span and strengthens the wall. Also, it is highly resistant to water, so it increases the life of the paint as well

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    Product Highlights

    Made with Korean Polymers

    Smooth Finish

    Water Resistant

    Interior & Exterior


    • At 1.5 mm thickness wide coverage of 18-22 sq. ft/kg is achievable.
    • Excellent bonding to the base concrete or plastered surfaces.
    • Compressive strength of 36.46 N/m2.
    • Super tensile strength of 2.26 N/m2.
    • Water, flake, and abrasion-resistant.

    Benefit & Advantages

    • It can be used on both dry and wet walls.
    • It can be applied to the interior as well as exterior wall finishing.
    • It provides a smooth surface for painting.
    • Increases the life of the Paint.
    • Makes the base concrete or plastered surfaces stronger.
    • Zero to Low maintenance and longer life span.

    Water Demand 35-40%
    Whiteness 90-92%
    Compressive Strength (N/mm²) 6-7
    Tensile Adhesion Strength
    (N/mm²) (14 Days)
    Water Absorption (ml/hr) 0.7
    Coating Thickness 1-1.5mm
    Coverage (1kg) 15-18sq.ft. for 2 coats
    Pot Life 2 - 3 Hours
    Shelf Life 6 months

    From the date of manufacturing, when stored is dry conditions

    (*All tested results are under lab condition)

    • Used to correct any defects and damages on the surfaces.
    • Used to provide a smooth and fine surface that is ready to paint.
    • With the perfect application, it can accentuate the finish and beauty of the wall painting.
    Trimurti Products Premium Wall Putty
    Premium Wall Putty - 1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 40kg

    Project – DMRC

    Trimurti has grown as a strong and reliable name in the industry which has led us to work.

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    Trimurti – Best Wall Putty Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

    When someone compliments your home walls for their finish and finesse, it a proud moment for any house owner. One needs to put both time and effort into getting the amazing finish on the walls of your dream abode. Paint alone is not enough for that envious stunning wall finish. Even the best paints can’t give Midas touch to your walls unless you apply putty on them first.

    It is a known fact that wall putty helps in achieving flawless paint finish on the walls. It offers an even and smooth surface for the paint. Not just that, wall putty also creates a strong foundation for the paint so that it can last for longer and give the same appearance throughout the years.

    A fine powder made of cement is mixed with water and other additives for creating a solution.

    When the putty is applied properly, it fills the gaps and cracks, along with correcting the imperfections, creating an even base for paint. It can be applied over any type of wall in interiors or exteriors to create a smooth finish.

    It has been observed that professional painters apply two coats of wall putty before painting any surface. The first coat is used for correcting the imperfections, while the second coat helps to ensure that the wall and coated surface are in line with each other. Putty can be used on the drywall as well as on the plastered walls. They are quite versatile when it comes to applications on different types of walls.

    Types of wall putty

    The significance of wall putty is immense if you wish to get an amazing paint finish on the walls of your home. The quality of walls is a reflection of your status in society. A good wall paint finish can make a good impression in front of the guests. Thus, you must thoroughly understand the available options in the market for putty before investing money in them. Analyse the needs of your room and then make a decision accordingly. The wall putty companies in India offer putty based on their compositions.

    White cement-based wall putty

    White cement-based wall putty manufacturers is used for interior and exterior walls. It is made with special additives and fillers so that it can act as putty, sealer, and filler as well over the plaster or concrete walls. White cement, minerals, and polymers are mixed together to form white cement-based wall putty. They come in dry form and don’t release any unpleasant odour when applied to the wall.

    The putty creates a stronghold between the paint and the wall. They smoothen even the roughest of surfaces and offer an even base for painting. Because of the cement-form, the putty is water-resistant. You can apply it well on wet surfaces as smoothly as the dry ones.

    Acrylic wall putty

    The acrylic putty brings out the best features of paint perfectly. It offers premium touch to lifeless walls. It not only makes the walls look good but also adds durability with its strong adhesiveness. The acrylic putty is a water-based solution that dries faster than the white cement-based putty. Also, this variant offers a matte finish. The rich matte finish is long-lasting and leaves an extra smooth surface for the paint. It offers amazing whiteness and perfect consistency to make your emulsions appear better and richer.

    How to use wall putty

    • If wall putty is being applied to masonry surface, give it some time to cure before application of putty. It is said that one should wait for at least 6 months before starting with putty work.
    • Clean the surface before applying the primer or putty. Any visible dust or algae could affect the finish. Also, remove lose paint, grease, or dust on the wall with the help of sandpaper.
    • For algae or fungus, use a wire brush and water for removal.
    • Use a soft cloth for cleaning the wall surface.
    • Apply a coat of primer before application of wall putty.
    • Allow it to dry for at least 7 hours.
    • Now apply a coat of wall putty for correcting the imperfection on the walls.
    • Allow it to dry for 4-6 hours.
    • Use sandpaper for smoothening the surface and wipe it with a soft towel.
    • Apply a final coat of primer.
    • After it dries, sand the surface with different sandpaper. Your surface is ready to be painted.

    Keep the following points in mind when choosing a wall putty supplier:

    • Ask for recommendations from industry insiders. The right person to ask about the wall putty is your contractor. You can also ask for suggestions from the manufacturer or distributor. They are well acquainted with good quality wall putty brands and know what type of putty works best with their paint.
    • Next is to look for a wall putty brand that is highly water-resistant. Most wall putty brands claim that their products are water-resistant, but it may or may not be accurate. You need to read the label carefully. There should be proper information about water retention and water absorption on the label.
    • You must also consider the comprehensive strength of the wall putty you choose. Apart from the information about water resistance, the product specification should have details about comprehensive strength as well. It should be from 7 to 12 N/mm2. You should also look for wall putty’s workability, UV resistance, and tensile adhesion.
    • You must only choose reputed and genuine wall putty manufacturers in India. Such brands are recognized and acknowledged by industry associations as they follow the highest standards and guidelines for manufacturing building material.

    When wall putty is applied with utmost perfection, it accentuates the finish and beauty of the wall painting. Choose the right wall putty and paints to capture the onlookers’ attention with a wall that is worth the admiration.

    You can also buy wall putty online by browsing our webpage. We assure good quality products at affordable prices. Explore our products today!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When the putty is done and dried completely, the wall must be levelled with sandpaper, and then a coat of quality wall primer should be added. You can either go for economical distemper after applying primer or go for water-based emulsion paints that are available with different price points in different qualities. You can get ready-made wall putty bags from Trimurti, which will contain wall putty powder.

    Since rain dampens the exterior walls of the house, so it is better not to consider painting outer walls in the rainy season because putty is just a base coat for paint, and it is not breathable, i.e., there is no room for trapped moisture to come out and that is the reason why you see putty flakes. On the other hand, you can apply interior wall putty on your house's inside walls as the putty wall will help give a smooth finish to the interior walls.

    Wall putty is fully cement-based putty with white colour on the wall. The perfect foundation for beautiful walls is wall putty, which offers the smoothest surface for luxurious and silky interiors. Wall putty is used to tightly bind your outer wall's topcoat paint and to make the colours more stable and appealing. Get the best wall putty from Trimurti, one of the best acrylic wall putty suppliers in the market.

    The wall putty is essentially used on the wall surfaces for covering holes, small cracks, etc. Before painting, putting putty on the walls will provide an even and smooth canvas for skilled painters to paint on. It is often added before the final paint to improve the paint's life. When it comes to renovating the walls, acrylic wall putty is claimed to be the best putty for walls. Buy it from Trimurti, one of the best acrylic wall putty manufacturers in India.