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    Product Highlights

    High Bonding & Shear Strength

    No Water Curing Needed

    Longer Pot Life

    Fast Setting

    No Pre Soaking of Tiles

    Water Resistant

    Appearance Grey powder
    Open Time 30-35 mins.
    Pot Life 2-2.5 hrs.
    Coverage(1kg) 3.5 - 4 sq.ft. with 4mm thickness
    Tensile Strength (N/mm²) 1 - 1.25
    Shelf Life 6 months
    From the date of manufacturing, when stored is dry conditions.

    (*All tested results are under lab condition)

    • Interior/Exterior Wall Tiles
    • Interior/Exterior Floor Tiles
    • Interior/Exterior Floor Stones
    • Interior/Exterior Wall Stones
    Trimurti products Gold Tile Adhesive 20 Kg packet

    Choose Trimurti for the Best Gold Plus Tile Adhesive in India

    Gold plus tile adhesive is a product manufactured with precision to bind tiles, ceramics, mosaics, etc. It enables users to create more aesthetic structures that attract the eyes that see them. It is one of the most selling products and offers many benefits. Trimurti is the most sensible choice if you want top-quality gold plus tile adhesive in India. 

    We offer you the best quality gold plus tile adhesive that meets your requirements. We also offer our products at a reasonable price so that you can attend to the construction requirements in your budget. You can use our sag-resistant product to have an unparalleled experience. Our gold plus tile adhesive offers a stronger binding force that prevents tiles or stones from falling from the surface. 

    Usage and Features of No. 1 Gold Plus Tile Adhesive in India

    The no. 1 gold plus tile adhesive we offer has a wide range of applicability. The following are its most common uses:-

    • You can use these tile adhesives as the binding material for interior/exterior wall tiles. 
    • Gold plus tile adhesive is also for interior/exterior floor tiles. 
    • Using these on exterior/interior wall and floor stones also provides desired outcomes. 

    These are the features of our no. 1 gold plus tile adhesive that make them an ideal product:-

    • Higher bonding and shear strength enable them to keep the tiles, mosaics, stones, etc., intact over the surfaces. 
    • These do not need water treatment for their application. 
    • The bind made using these does not fail despite the passage of time. 
    • When you use these, tiles do not need to be pre-soaked.  

    Top Gold Plus Tile Adhesive Brands in India

    As a gold plus tile adhesive manufacturer, we facilitate our valued customers with high-quality products made as per international standards. Our ISI-marked and ISO-approved products are proof that we care about our customers. To accomplish the same, we do not compromise the quality of ingredients and manufacture these with the required precision. 

    We also maintain a reasonable price to deliver the best experience to our valued customers. Our commitment is also to provide you with sustainable products that are environment-friendly or at least minimally invasive. 

    How Trimurti is the Best Gold Plus Tile Adhesive Manufacturer in India? 

    We are among the top gold plus tile adhesive suppliers and have gained the trust of our valued customers through our continuous and dedicated efforts. We have a team of skilled and proficient workforce that makes the best possible use of our well-lubricated machines. When it comes to consumer satisfaction, we have received the best regards from our customers.