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Premium Unsanded Tile Grout

Trimurti Tile Grout is a brand-new solution to give your tiles a flawless finish that also brings more stability and unbreakable strength to the tiles. Tile grout acts as a waterproofing agent. In case of water leakage through the slab, tile grout decelerates the penetration of water. Tile Grout helps keep the line straight with beautiful look and prevents tiles from rubbing against one another and cracking.

Product Highlights

Polymer Modified Cementitious Grout

Uniform Color

For Tile Joints 1-3 mm

Hard & Durable

Benefit & Advantages

  • Easy to apply and log lasting.
  • Doesn’t develop cracks on heating or setting.
  • Provides decorative interior finish.
  • Gypsum content provides it a lot of shine and smoothness.

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