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    Product Highlights


    Easy Installation

    Supreme Quality

    Anti Corrosive

    • Supreme Quality
    • Durable
    • Easy Installation
    • Anti-corrosiv
    • Dimensional Accuracy

    • Sizes: 6x19mm | 6x25mm
    • 1 Box: 1000pcs.

    Mount Drywall Screws to Have a Minimally Invasive Hanging Space

    Drywall screws are a better alternative to nails and other types of screws that may harm the wall when employed. These have turned out to be standard fasteners for securing absolute or partial sheets of drywall to wall studs or ceiling joists. Drywall screws are available in distinct sizes and specifications, and these are mounted on the wall once combined with a drywall screw bit

    Drywall screws cause minimum damage to the wall. When employed after penetration through drilling, they prohibit the formation of cracks. Using these allows a person to have the desired mounting space on the wall without damaging its surface. Drywall screws provide ease in both installation and disjunction. The deracination process is also minimally invasive due to drywall screw bits present at their root. 

    Are you looking for the best drywall screw manufacturer in India?

    Trimurti is one of the leading brands in this regard and facilitates its valued clients with ISI-marked and ISO-approved products. It displays the level of quality we maintain in our products and how much we care about our valued clients. We intend to facilitate sustainable products, and our consumers do not need to make multiple purchases to accomplish a single task. 

    Why is it Necessary to Have a Drywall Screw Bit?

    The drywall screw bit is a holding gear fixed in the drywall to hold the drywall screws. These also control the depth of drywall when they are inserted into it. Using these keeps the screws intact, and they do not lose their grip on the walls. ISO-approved and ISI-marked bits are durable and do not show dysfunctionality during their shelf life. Having this product allows a person to fulfill the purpose of buying the screws. 

    These countersink the screws to the perfect depth and allow them to carry the loads or fulfill the aspired task per their capacity. These are most suited to combination with drywall screws and amplify their benefits. These are also easy to employ and do not require additional effort and care from the person using drywall screws. A person can employ these on the surface required, like walls, ceilings, etc. Depending on the parameters of the screws, a person can buy these in multiple dimensions. 

    How is it Wise to Use Drywall Screws for Ceilings?

    Drywall screws are ideal for ceilings as these are self-tapping screws with cylindrical taping. Installers get additional control with the Phillips Bulge Head presented to them. Drywall screws are best suited for concrete and dense natural stones, making them popular. Using drywall screws for ceilings is a sensible choice as these rapidly attach metal studs to the dry walls. Using these to have a flat surface after drilling is a typical application of drywall screws. These are also used when pre-drilled holes are prepared for fitting. 

    Benefits of Using Drywall Anchor Screws

    These are some of the benefits of employing drywall anchor screws:-

    1. The Bugle Head in these makes them less prone to getting pulled through. 
    2. The head also enables them to remain minimally invasive while employed, and these do not cause damage to the surface. 
    3. Drywall anchor screws are more efficient and can be installed quickly. 
    4. These have a black head that provides them a desired aesthetic attribute. 
    5. These are threaded throughout their length and have more gripping power than other nails or screws. 
    6. The black phosphate coating prevents corrosion or rusting, making them reliable equipment for creating sustainable structures. 
    7. Installation and removal in these are easy and less time-consuming, enabling an installer to continue the task without being bothered. 
    8. The precise cutting edges in these maximize the drill performance with lesser effort. 
    9. These are cheaper compared to the specifications they offer. 
    10. These have at least 3 times pull-out strength compared to nails. 

    How is Trimurti the Best Drywall Screw Manufacturer in India?

    Trimurti manufactures the best quality products without compromising the required ingredients. It enables our clients to build sustainable structures that last longer than expected. We manufacture the best quality products of distinct specifications, depending on the demand made by our valued clients and consumers. Our expertise and remarks levied by our clients make us the best drywall screw manufacturer in India

    We manufacture the best screws for drywall that do not damage the walls’ surface and facilitate a strong structure with more load-bearing capacity. Trimurti has a workforce that is passionate about their work and allows us to manufacture the best quality products that suit the needs of our customers. Being in the same line of business since 2004 has provided us with the insight that enables us to manufacture as per your orthodox and unorthodox requirements.