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    Gypsum Plaster/Gypsum Board Channel

    Our durable Gypsum Plaster / Gypsum Board channels are an ideal solution for the requirement of a false ceiling to decorate your home. These are ideal to maximize strength, are easy to use, sophisticated finish, and have a long-lasting ability.

    Product Highlights

    High Strength

    ISI Mark

    Ultra finish product

    Standard Rates

    • Material: Galvanized Iron
    • Surface Treatment-Galvanised
    • Thickness: 24-28 Gauge
    • Available in: 8ft, 12ft

    • Fresh Raw Material
    • High Strength
    • Logo Engraved
    • ISI Certified Raw Material
    • Standard Length and Weight
    • Ultra Dotted Material
    • Extra Gripping
    • Rust Free

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    Buy Premium Quality POP Channel at Trimurti

    POP False ceiling channel

    Nowadays, when we construct our houses, we pay equal attention to the roof ceiling. These false roof ceilings not only give an elegant look to your room but also work great in extreme weather conditions. They also conceal wires, ensure fire safety, and also assist in resisting moisture. So, false ceilings can both pretty and functional. There are various materials that contractors or builders use to make POP False ceiling channels.

    In places like homes and offices, some contractors use materials like plastic and glass to give a stylistic view of your place, and some use metal and woods to go with the theme of the place. Many POP channel exporters in India supply premium quality POP channel products to customers located worldwide.

    How to install the POP False ceiling channel?

    The POP false ceiling channel is introduced in the following manner:

    • It begins with joining with wires to the roof.
    • The channels made with plastic material are installed.
    • Later the tiles are set inside the already installed channels.

    The procedure can be easily done, and it is better if it is done with an external expert’s help.

    Why should anyone introduce the POP channel?

    The following are some of the key reasons why people should go for the POP channel:

    • The most important reason behind installing POP false ceiling is that it is soundproof. It helps in reducing the sound or noise disturbances and helps in maintaining a calmer environment.
    • The next important reason is that these roofs provide security from fire as the tiles used in the POP channel are fire-resistant.
    • False roofs work best in extreme weather conditions. It reduces the warmth inside the room during summer and cold during winters. This further helps in reducing huge electricity bills.
    • False roofs are also known to be environmentally friendly. It reduces the carbon impressions resulting from the reused items.
    • When it comes to designs, then there are ample styles and structures available. Various attractively styled tiles upgrade the look of your place. Many stores have a great variety of tiles that people can select as per their style and décor.
    • Another important reason for installing the POP channel is that it gives support to home frameworks. It gives better access whenever there is a need to do alteration or any other fixes.

    There are many POP channel suppliers in India, but Trimurti offers the best range of tiles and boards for the establishment of false ceiling roofs.

    Why choose Trimurti for the POP false ceiling channel?

    Trimurti is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wall products in India. We at Trimurti make products that are innovative and highly creative and go as per the needs of the clients. Our goals are consumer-centric, and we aim to provide improved living opportunities, community, and houses. Our brand is highly preferred by builders, contractors, and architects. We believe in meeting international quality standards so that our customers get premium quality products. So, all those who want to buy POP False ceiling channel for their house can contact us.

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