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POP Channel

Advantages Of Applying Wall Putty Before Painting

You have decided to get your home painted. But the question is- have you considered the problem areas on your walls? Until you deal with such problem areas, painting, no matter how expensive will only camouflage such problems in a temporary way till surfacing again.

POP Channel: New Way of Decorating House

POP is also known as plaster of Paris. A POP channel is used for POP false ceiling. A false ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is suspended below the main ceiling of the room. False ceiling inside residence are mainly done with POP or Gypsum

How to select the best POP Cross Ceiling Channel

Plaster of London is also a very flexible material. As it can be given any colour and structure, POP goes well with other materials used for the ceiling. POP is often used with wood for ceiling designs. POP ceiling with glass is another option for

Plaster Of Paris -Base of any construction

Plaster of Paris is an item which is very much essential for construction purposes and also for various other uses like – Furniture construction, pottery models and sculptures and also when you break a hand or leg! The POP material suppliers are many in India.

Storm Cellar Designs for Low Ceilings

When structuring your storm cellar, the roof stature can play an enormous factor, particularly when the roof is low. POP False Ceiling Channel with low roofs represents some structure issues. In the first place, the zone can without much of a stretch begin to assume the