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Plaster of Paris False Ceiling and False Ceiling Channel

    Plaster of Paris is mainly formed from the substance named gypsum, which is found in abundance in the areas of Paris. It is a fine white powder consisting of gypsum, which is mixed with water and further heated at high temperatures to dry it out. After this process, it converts into a hard or solid substance which is ready to be used for various purposes from construction, decoration, medical purposes. It has a variety of benefits such as water resistance, long life, fireproof, and many more. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Plaster of Paris for the decoration of ceilings. It is also widely known as false ceiling, and to support it, a channel comprised of metal is used. The quality of the pop false ceiling channel ensures the longevity of the ceiling.

    How Is False Ceiling Channel Used?

    False Ceilings consist of channels and plaster of Paris. False ceiling channel is a metal framework that is installed beneath the primary cemented ceiling to customize plaster of Paris upon it. The channels are hung from ceilings by connecting clips using a ceiling angle. Mostly, high-quality galvanized steel is available at affordable prices. False ceiling is also known by the names such as dropped ceiling, suspended ceiling, or grid ceiling as it is a secondary ceiling that gives the illusion of falling from above. But in reality, it is very strong and powerful, which doesn’t drop easily because metal channels are used to support it.

    Benefits of False Ceiling Channel or False Ceiling Are Mentioned Below

    • False Ceiling Hides Wiring or Other Networking

      As the real ceiling is hidden underneath the false ceiling because of the presence of false ceiling channels, there is enough space between real and false ones as the channel has a downward angle which creates space. This area can be further used for air conditioner vents, pipes, electrical wires, which therefore give a neat look to the room and give the illusion of a wider room.

    • Economical

      False ceilings can absorb heat or cold. It keeps them cool in summers and warm in winters. Thus, it saves energy or electricity, and hence money is also saved. Therefore, it is economical to utilize false ceilings owing to their varied advantages. Additionally, the ceilings channel is a one-time investment and easy to install as well. It has a low maintenance cost; the owner has to follow some general rules for the protection of false ceilings, which extends its life.  

    • Soundproof

      False ceilings can be made of any kind of plaster of Paris comprising of gypsum, white cement, or lime. Almost all types have sound absorption quality, which is beneficial for places like auditoriums where functions are held, like plaster of Paris balance sound of music and noise by the crowd. Moreover, musicians and artists also consider false ceilings necessary for their practice room because it also adds to aesthetics and sound-resistant quality.

    • Durability

      Plaster of Paris is a solid or hard substance, and hence false ceilings made out of it have long-term durability. And doesn’t suffer wear or tear easily. Furthermore, pop channel traders in India provide a guarantee of ceilings because a strong base consisting of metal ensures durable ceilings. Because metal used in the channel is of high quality and water-resistant too.