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An Anchoring Friend With a Hanging Mate Can Transform Interiors

    False ceilings are increasingly gaining popularity all over India and abroad. The demand for false ceilings is due to their multiple functions. The false ceilings not only serve the purpose of a decorative piece but a protective piece. The structural framework of the false ceilings gives them the appearance of an artificial drop-down structure. This structure remains suspended from the base of the main ceiling.

    Why False and Not True?

    Soon people discovered the benefits of the false ceilings and wanted to know more. They found out that the pop angle ceiling channels were the innovative structure. It held the suspended ceiling from the base. They are usually made from high quality galvanized metal that gives long life to the suspended false ceilings.

    The false ceilings act as a protecting layer beneath the main ceiling from corrosion due to moisture. They also act as perfect insulators and give a designer feel to the interiors. The metal framework of the pop angles ceiling channels provides easy suspension to the false ceilings. The angles have perfect dimensions for the best fitting of the false channels. The surface area of such angles is more, and this provides easy gripping of the suspended ceiling. During the manufacturing process of the pop angles, the hardening is performed efficiently. This gives more strength to the pop ceiling structures. The pop angles provide the exact suspension required to hold the drop-down ceiling from the base of the ceiling.

    Benefits of Pop Angle Ceiling Channels:

    • Pop ceiling angles are one of the integral parts of pop false ceilings. People will go for installing false ceilings only when they are hassle-free. The metal pop angled ceilings are the structures that provide easy suspension to the false ceiling components. The ceiling channels are attached to the base of the main ceiling with the pop angle ceiling channels. The easy-grip provides help in easy installation.
    • The surface area of the pop angles is kept about 9% more than the conventional plain sheets. This increased surface area increases the efficiency of the false ceilings and makes their suspension stronger. Increased surface area also helps in easy binding of the pop ceiling channels and provide grip over the channel surface.
    • The thickness of the angles is also kept much higher than the usual plain sheets. The increased thickness of the angles gives more strength to them. The material used in the construction of a pop angled ceiling is galvanized metal. This increases the tenacity and durability of the angles to a higher level.
    • The metals used to make the pop ceiling angles are hardened by the extensive procedure. The durability of the angles is further enhanced due to the hardened and galvanized metal framework.
    • Special importance is given to the load capacity of the angles. The load or carrying capacity of the pop angle ceiling channels is optimized to the maximum level. This imparts a superior quality to the material and increases the shelf life of the angles. With the increased life of the angles, the overall life expectancy of the false ceilings also increased.

    The pop cross ceiling channels are affordable. It is a cost-effective way to cross-link the suspended ceilings from the base ceiling body.