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Why There Is the Requirement of Wall Putty Before Paint?

    To maintain the beauty of your house or office, one needs to get the walls to paint on time. So that the place looks beautiful even if there are not many changes. For evenly painting the walls, it has now become necessary to first do wall putty on them, so that the application of putty will provide the painter with a smooth canvas. Even the finish of the paints becomes more superiors after wall putty. It is the same as whenever a girl puts on makeup, she first prep her skin well so that it can come out to be flawless. It is better to high-quality putty for walls.

    There are some benefits of wall putty. Let’s have a look at them.

    • Prolongs the life of paint: The tensile strength and adhesion of wall putty provide extra life to the paint. The application of wall putty reduces the deterioration of the walls and even makes the wall flake, water, and abrasion-resistant.
    • Provides a smooth surface for painting: Whenever the layer of wall putty is applied on the walls evenly, it will fill up all the imperfections of the wall like cracks and faults. Its main function is to provide excellent bonding to the plastered or concrete surface. This is the reason why its application becomes so important before painting because it not only provides a smooth surface but also provides a beautiful finish of the paint.
    • Multipurpose uses: It is not necessary that wall putty can only be applied to new walls, it can be applied to old walls as well. Even it can be applied before paint and after the paint for doing designing on it can be again used. The formula of wall putty and its multiple uses makes it worth every penny.

    So considering all these benefits conclude that it is very important to get the wall putty done before painting. For achieving exceptional results of paint. The person needs to follow some tips. Let’s have a look at them.

    • For maximum coverage, it is better to apply two layers of the wall putty. Let the first layer of application dry up completely and after that apply the second coat. Even let it also dry completely and after that only apply the coat of paint on it.
    • If you want that wall putty should be able to fill even the smallest cracks on the wall. It is better to first put a coat of primer on the wall and let it completely dry and after that apply the layer of wall putty.
    • After applying the putty mixture on the wall, just smoothen that with sandpaper. This small tip will also provide smooth coverage of the paint.
    • Make sure that there is no dust, dirt, or grease on the surface on which the wall putty is to be done. Any carelessness in this will not lead to the perfect end.

    So it is pretty clear that wall putty is very necessary. Even get the best quality exterior wall putty for your walls.