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Understanding the Difference and Uses of Plaster of Paris and Wall Putty

    We all want our homes to strong and sturdy and withstand the weight of time, don’t we? But do we give enough effort to find out what makes our home strong and what are the things that we need to know about in order to make it all the more stronger?

    Well there are two materials which are extensively used for our walls- plaster of paris and wall putty. Do you know what is the difference between them? Let us find out and try and understand which one is used when and for what purpose.

    What is plaster of paris and when is it used?

    If you want you can get this material from any good pop supplier in Delhi. This is basically a white powder which when mixed with water becomes a hard and solid material within a short period of time. It is not only used for making walls but also as a sculpting material. It is more commonly used for making human casts as well! It is used on the walls to smoothen the surface and is generally used on the exterior walls of a building. It has tensile strength which makes it such a good wall sculpting and coating material.

    What is wally putty and when is it used?

    After a wall has been built there are always cracks and holes in it which needs to be covered up before a coat of paint can be applied on it. Wall putty is the material which is used for covering the holes and cracks and making the surface of the wall smoother. It is mainly used in the interior walls of the house. If you ask any one of the known plaster of paris dealers then they will supply you with wall putty as well. After a coat of wall putty has been applied, the plaster of paris mixture is applied to further smoothen the surface and it is on this that paint can be applied.

    These are tit bits of information that almost everyone needs to be aware of when building a home of their own. Now that you know, you will be able to properly oversee the home building work!