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What are the benefits of POP?
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What are the benefits of POP?

    Nowadays, so many companies are coming up with different types of materials that can be used to enhance the overall look of the constructed structure. Earlier, people used to paste a lot of posters on the screens to enhance the overall look. But nowadays material like POP (Plaster Of Paris) is available in the market that helps in look and make it eye-catching.

    POP is simply a quick-setting of gypsum plaster that is formed from heating the gypsum, and all the water content is evaporated from it to leave the powdered substance. Mostly this powder comes in white colour, and it is further mixed with water so that the mixture can be put in different size molds. There are many people using pop as the false down ceiling, which is a great deal. This ceiling will be adorned by both commercial and residential spaces and will enhance their beauty.

    This is the material that can be used for making casts for even broken bones. It is very easy to use as the process of getting the perfect mixture is also very easy. The installation of iron mesh can be a base of the pop ceiling. Just to add another factor, electric wires, pipes can be fit into the false ceiling. While getting this procedure done, just make sure that applying the POP material application is not prone to any type of leakage. Use the Pop of a great brand like Trimurti so that the results are great. Even make sure that the POP is perfectly dried out after the installation. All the electric wires should be inside the pop cast to reduce the risk of fire accidents.

    There is a list of using pop for the ceiling, which is stated as below:

    • It is a highly durable material that will last for a very long time and works great as the false ceiling.
    • There will be very little to almost no chances of any type of wear and tear of pop ceiling that too for years from now.
    • The maintenance of the PoP ceiling is quite low. The person can just repaint it with white colour to add newness to it.
    • POP is an insulator of heat and cold.
    • The best part is that the POP false ceiling is also detachable. In case you are planning to shift your space, you can take this along with you.

    If the POP ceiling is done most suitably, it can last for 15-20 years which is quite a long period. So there is no doubt about the longevity of the POP ceiling. It can be formed into different shapes and designs that add more value to the POP ceiling. Before getting it installed, the person needs to pick the design to easily carry out further proceedings.

    Just to add more aesthetics to your place, it is highly recommended to get the POP work done at your space. Once it is done in the right way, it will catch the attention of every person that visits your place.