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POP Plaster

Versatility of Modern Building Construction Material

Buildings now have a new look because they are subject to advanced technology. The methods of construction, along with the use of superior materials has heightened the finer aspects of construction technology. There is an awareness among the builders that takes the construction methods to

Why POP is a must in Constructions?

Plaster of Paris is mainly a type of dry powder which should be mixed well with the right amount of water before it is applied on a plain or a textured surface or a wall. The manufacturers of Plaster of Paris always keep this in

How Is Wall Putty Different From POP

Putty is a cement-like material which is applied on a plastered wall, prior to painting. The typical process of applying paint to a surface that is freshly plastered starts with a coat of putty, which is followed by applying primer and applying paint.

Give your business a fantastic start

If you are about to enter the wholesale business of POP, then the first task is to find a reputed manufacturer. POP is widely used in almost all of the construction works to assure great smoothness for the walls and to develop excellent designs in

Several uses of Plaster of Paris

This material known as Plaster of Paris is a kind of gypsum that is commonly used for several functions in many parts of India. There is a reason why the name of a famous city is also added to the name of a plaster. The

Pros of Using Plaster of Paris

POP or Plaster of Paris is one type of building material that has Gypsum as its key ingredient. It is used for the purpose of coating ceilings and walls in order to create architectural designs. The manufacturing of this product is done in the form