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Several uses of Plaster of Paris

    This material known as Plaster of Paris is a kind of gypsum that is commonly used for several functions in many parts of India. There is a reason why the name of a famous city is also added to the name of a plaster. The main ingredient of plaster of Paris is gypsum which is a very common element in Paris. Plaster of Paris is popularly used in construction and medical industry.

    Because of the growing usage of Plaster of Paris, there are now several suppliers of this chemical distributing the product all across India. PoP suppliers in Haryana have a good share of the industry when it comes to Plaster of Paris distribution. The suppliers have dedicated a team for customer services, and many of them have specialized products like PoP, Gypsum plaster, wall putty etc.

    Plaster of Paris is mainly used in the below industries:

    • Construction industry: For building moulds and casts, to provide finish touch to building ceilings etc. It is also used for providing a protective coat to the walls to prevent wear and tear from exposure to sun and rain
    • Interior design: Here the plaster of Paris is used for creating decorative items. This will give an elegant look to your home. You can create several casts for the same based on your creativity.
    • Medical industry: In the medical industry, plaster of Paris is used for fixing bones that are broken from accidents. Plaster of Paris will harden once it is dried. Plaster of Paris would limit the mobility and will help in healing process.

    Gypsum plaster dealer in Haryana provides top-notch quality of Plaster of Paris, wall putty and gypsum based products. Plaster of Paris is made by heating up Gypsum at a medium temperature. It is available in the industry in powder format, thus making it easy for storage and shipment as well. For practical usage, plaster of Paris is combined with water which will form a paste. Based on the need, plaster of Paris can be made into any form of shape and size. Artificial colour can be added according to individual need, but basically, plaster of Paris is available in white powdered form.