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Advantages Of Applying Wall Putty Before Painting

     You have decided to get your home painted. But the question is- have you considered the problem areas on your walls? Until you deal with such problem areas, painting, no matter how expensive will only camouflage such problems in a temporary way till surfacing again.

    Problems emerge because of the presence of discolored patches caused by cracks and dampness due to aging of walls. All these can be treated, by applying good quality wall putty, before painting your walls. Wall putty can be sourced from wall putty suppliers in Uttarakhand.

    Wall putty comes in types like acrylic putty and white cement putty. Following are benefits of each:

    Putty Made Of  White Cement

    • Your plastered walls may feature uneven surfaces. Applying 2 thick coats of Putty will even out these surfaces and provide your painted walls a smooth, final finish.
    • Wall care putty combines with plaster to make a stronger bond with paint and makes it longer lasting and durable.
    • Because it has water-resistant properties, putty will save your paint from dampness as well as the resultant discolored patches for a long time.
    • It prevents flaking of expensive coats of paints
    • Putty is eco-friendly.
    • It doesn’t need curing
    • It brings out the true tone or shade of the paint
    • Provides your walls a smooth, silky finish
    • The products can be used for both exterior and interior walls.

    Acrylic Wall Putty

    • It is water based and performs as a perfect base for top coats
    • It raises durability of top coats of paints
    • It can be used for filling up minor cracks, dents and leveling of uneven surfaces on primed and plastered walls.
    • Can be used for new and old surfaces
    • It provides consistency and smoothness across the wall surface
    • The paint looks richer because of its whiteness.
    • It has lower porosity and enhanced aeration of the paint to provide a longer life.
    • It has quality of quick drying, reducing time needed for completion of painting job.

    By considering the benefits of both types of wall putty, you can make an informed choice. In India, manufacturers of Wall Putty in Uttarakhand are a good source.