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Gypsum Plaster: Benefits and Significant Uses

    One of the commonly used construction material is gypsum material, popularly called as plaster of paris. Basically, it includes features that are similar to that of mortar or cement. Gypsum is regarded to be naturally occurring mineral, heated to about 300 degree Fahrenheit. Then, it is mixed with water. The process produces pliable and soft paste that hardens once it cools down. Since it is an easy to manipulate and soft construction material, it is used commonly for aesthetic purpose. This building material is not something new as it is being used for centuries. It is also termed to be a fire resistant building material because of ingrained features. Besides it, it also comes with variety of applications and uses.

    Applications and uses

    One can easy find gypsum plaster in Gujarat from the leading producers here. Some of its uses and applications includes the following:

    • Sculptures: It is a common material that is used for making statutes and sculptures. Since the material could be used for find and precise working in statutes and sculptures, it is being used since renaissance period. Also, it could be used in sculptures and statutes over metal frame.
    • Orthopedics: It is used in the form of orthopedic casts, since it supports, heals and safeguards the broken bones. Also, it is used in different medicine fields like dentistry and to create denture models required for advanced dental tasks.
    • This product is also used in the field of agriculture, since it loosens dense clayey soil as well as to help condition the soil. Hence, it is as agricultural fertilizer that it is used and improves crop growth in agricultural fields.
    • There are other fields, where gypsum material is used. When added to cement, its setting speed gets reduced during construction. It is preferred by engineers during construction as binding product.
    • This material is also used for installing tiles along with other flooring materials, since it has power to bind together the surfaces.

    It is extremely important to use such materials with great caution and care, since it may pose health risk if not used properly. It will be useful to buy these materials and related products from the reputed gypsum plaster suppliers in Gujarat.