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Pros of Using Plaster of Paris

POP or Plaster of Paris is one type of building material that has Gypsum as its key ingredient. It is used for the purpose of coating ceilings and walls in order to create architectural designs. The manufacturing of this product is done in the form of dry powder which is

Plaster Of Paris -Base of any construction

Plaster of Paris is an item which is very much essential for construction purposes and also for various other uses like – Furniture construction, pottery models and sculptures and also when you break a hand or leg! The POP material suppliers are many in India.

Build your home by using best and high quality products

Trimurti plaster of paris is made from high quality of gypsum. It strong and smooth, which offers one perfect answer for all your adornment needs. It sets rapidly and is anything but difficult to cast into a shape, making it an exceptionally helpful material in decorating dividers and roofs. For

Plaster of Paris

The Gypsum from Paris Is the Choice for Your Interiors

Plaster of Paris is an integral composition of our buildings, monuments, and even statues. Many paintings and art pieces are composed of Plaster of Paris. The name comes from its origin. People say that gypsum powder was abundant in Paris and, little did the people knew about its application in