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Plaster Of Paris -Base of any construction

    Plaster of Paris is an item which is very much essential for construction purposes and also for various other uses like – Furniture construction, pottery models and sculptures and also when you break a hand or leg! The POP material suppliers are many in India.

    How is it made?

    Plaster Of Paris is made by calcinating high-quality gypsum along with sulphate material. It is made smooth, strong and a shade whiter to use it hassle freely in various activities – intricate decorative patterns like architectural, moulding, false ceiling.

    Since most of the companies are ISO certified, they produce an authentic product and do not compromise with quality. Various quality of Plaster of Paris is provided by these distributors. Before they are exported, the products are checked to keep in mind the demand as well as other various parameters to keep up with the reputation of the company. Thus, flawless products are received by the clients.

    Packaging details

    The packaging of Plaster Of Paris varies from 2kg, 20kg, 25kg and 40kg pack. It comes in an airtight container to keep the product quality unaltered in various weather conditions.


    The Plaster Of Paris made by various distributors of India has the following features:

    • The Plaster takes only 15 – 20 mins to settle down during any construction of buildings or other products. Only in places having higher humidity, It might take a longer time.

    • The residue of this Plaster Of Paris is only 2% – 4 %, which is very less. The entire quantity needs to be used up.

    • The whiteness of Plaster Of Paris is about 70% – 80% which is comparatively higher when compared to imported products.

    • Wastage is zero per cent. So no worries about buying excess stuff and wasting money.

    • The tensile strength of this Plaster Of Paris is 7.6 kg/cm which is a quite high range.

    Another type of Plaster Of Paris is often manufactured by these companies Known as Expert Plaster, which is 80% – 85 % white and takes about 20 – 25 mins for perfect settling. It has a slightly higher tensile strength of 9.6 kg/cm. This one too has zero wastage.

    The clients of Plaster Of Paris are namely:

    ● Taj hotels and resorts
    ● Larsen and Toubro
    ● Ambience Mall
    ● Crowne Plaza
    ● DLF
    ● Pacific Group
    ● Suncity Projects
    ● Trehan – making luxury affordable
    ● Shudh veg food court
    ● Amrapali group
    ● Ashiana – nurturing smiles
    ● Hilton and many more

    The POP material supplier operates from quite a number of Places in India, which helps them for easy supply and delivery. Bikaner, Rajasthan being the main production site. The supply sites are located at Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Pune, Karnataka, Bhopal, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Assam and Bombay.

    As said earlier, the distributing chain companies are majority ISO and ISI certified which guarantees great and uncompromised product. They maintain professionalism in work along with the greater quality of the product. They deliver, distribute and export the product on time thereby achieving excellent levels of customer satisfaction.