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Plaster of Paris
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The Gypsum from Paris Is the Choice for Your Interiors

    Plaster of Paris is an integral composition of our buildings, monuments, and even statues. Many paintings and art pieces are composed of Plaster of Paris. The name comes from its origin. People say that gypsum powder was abundant in Paris and, little did the people knew about its application in those days. Slowly, people came to know about various utilities of plaster of Paris. It was then that many plaster of paris companies in india were sprawling across different parts of the countries. These Indian companies deal with the plaster of Paris mainly for construction purposes.

    What is Plaster of Paris?

    The commercial name of hydrated gypsum and calcium sulfate is plaster of Paris. The plaster of Paris, when moistened, becomes solid and finds applications in many domains. The chemical properties of the plaster of Paris are enormous. Owing to several unique properties, the plaster of Paris finds applications in many purposes.

    Starting from building, statues, and art-pieces to broken bones, you can see plaster of Paris everywhere. Yes. You heard it right. A solidified mixture of Plaster of Paris is useful for broken bones. It forms a structural and supporting framework for the broken bone in limbs or arms and helps heal naturally. Plaster of Paris is also a major constituent of dental molds. However, their application in the pop false ceilings is unparallel.

    Facts about Pop False Ceilings

    Pop ceilings are a special type of suspension ceilings that comes in different shapes and sizes. They can be drop-down ceilings made of plaster of Paris. They give or add extra dimensions to the interiors of the rooms. You can put lights around the borders of the pop ceilings to add a decorative touch. There are many advantages associated with the pop false ceilings.

    Advantages of the Pop False Ceilings

    • It can transform the look of your interiors into a modified décor. The lightweight plaster of Paris makes it the best choice for the drop-down or suspension ceilings.
    • The false pop ceilings are easy to install. It is a hassle-free way to hide the wires or the cables around the interiors of the house. It also repairs works much easy.
    • A false pop ceiling is the one that acts as a medium of sound absorption and plays a significant role in acoustics. It prevents the formation of unwanted echoes around the corners of the rooms.
    • If any damage occurs in the ceiling, it is better and economical to detach the portion of the false pop ceilings and repair it rather than the entire ceiling.
    • A false pop ceiling can also prove to be much more energy-efficient. The plaster of Paris is a chief component of the false pop ceilings. It possesses low-temperature conductance. As a whole, the false pop ceilings can reduce energy use and decrease electric bills too. The pop dealers try to maintain a good quality of the pop false ceilings for better customer feedback.

    While there are many pros of the pop false ceilings, there are some cons also. The shelf-life of the false pop ceiling is less and requires higher maintenance and frequent renovation. The durability of the false ceilings puts a question mark on safety too. It is often the fact that the false pop ceilings are not calamity-proof. As the false ceilings are the extra suspensions, it can also reduce the interior room dimensions several times.