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How Is Wall Putty Different From POP

    Putty is a cement-like material which is applied on a plastered wall, prior to painting. The typical process of applying paint to a surface that is freshly plastered starts with a coat of putty, which is followed by applying primer and applying paint.

    In case one is doing re-painting, touch up with putty would suffice, based on wall condition. But to get desired results of painting, it is vital to prepare surface using primer and putty. Those residing in Bhopal can source wall putty from Wall Putty distributor in Bhopal.

    Plaster of Paris is a white powder that sets to form a hard solid on mixing with water. It used to make casts and sculptures and also as an additive for lime plaster. Its chemical composition is of hemihydrates of Calcium Sulphate.


    • Wall putty is a mix of white powder and linseed oil used to prepare a smooth coat for walls. POP is any group of Gypsums. It is made by heating Gypsum to very high temperature to form calcium sulphate and grinding it to a fine powder.
    • Wall Putty is a generic term. POP is so named because it was mainly sourced from Paris and created by ancient Egyptians.
    • Putty is of two types: Coarse putty and fine putty. POP is of two kinds: Lime Plaster and Plaster of Paris.
    • Duration to dry of wall putty is a minimum of 24 hours to a maximum of 48 hours. That of POP is a minimum of 24 hours and maximum of 72 hours.
    • Wall putty has the advantage that it is water resistant and ensures that paint will not flake away even when wall is damp. POP is the solution for plaster surface and internal drywall problems.
    • Wall putty is used to maintain walls and fill up small cracks. POP is used for creating decorative objects, sculptures and castings.
    • Wall putty can be applied to interior/ exterior/ exposed surfaces and ceilings. POP can be applied to ceiling surfaces and interiors. It cannot be used for exteriors as it reacts with water.

    These are some ways in which wall putty is different from POP. Be sure that Wall Putty suppliers in Bhopal will not let you down.