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Uses Of Wall Putty

    Putty is a versatile material which has many uses. These include versions like toy putty, adhesive putty, molding putty, home improvement putty and best of all, wall putty.

    Wall putty is a totally cement based putty which has a white colour. Its utility is better for interior and exterior walls of buildings. The cement-based, white colour putty binds very strongly with base plaster especially in conditions when the surface is damp and it becomes a protective and good base.

    The fine pores on walls and ceiling can be filled up easily and provide you with a smooth, dry and even surface which becomes suitable for painting. Wall putty provides complete protection against flaking: this assures you of smooth, even looking, good quality walls for your home for many years. Consult Wall Putty Dealers in Noida for the best quality products.

    Advantages And Features

    • It is skim coated and based on white cement
    • It provides a water resistant and smooth surface, fit for painting.
    • It has excellent quality of adhesion.
    • It prevents peel off caused by seepage.
    • It provides excellent finish, enhances durability of paint and reduces consumption amount of paint.
    • It avoids the need of primer
    • It avoids need for curing

    Areas Of Application

    • It can be simply applied on surface that is plastered.
    • It is useful for interior and exterior walls and provides a fine finish

    Preparation And Application

    • Prior to applying putty, ensure that surface is free from dust. If not, take time to remove dust. Also ensure that the surface is free from all types of grease, fungus, bitumen and all kinds of release agents, oils, paints, moss, coatings or loose particles. Ensure surface is free from such impurities lest it interferes with the working of putty.
    • Prior to application of wall putty, ensure that there is pre-wetting of surface where it is to be applied. This will aid in providing a strong bond with the substrate.

    If you live in Noida, you can do an online search for Wall Putty Manufacturers in Noida. They will provide the necessary raw material for your walls.