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AAC Block Jointing Mortar

Top Merits of Using a Masonry Adhesive

    Masonry adhesive acts as a glue for joining bricks or stones, or blocks. It is used in both construction and repairs of the building. It is easy to mix and apply, unlike mortar adhesive, wherein mixing is a very time-consuming and messy process. That’s because it requires the mixing of cement, water, and sand which needs more effort and labor than masonry aac block adhesive. This also increases the time and cost of construction. Because of these reasons, builders now prefer to use masonry block adhesive. It does not create any mess on the site and is easily applied. It speeds up the construction process and is cost-effective. Let’s discuss the benefits of masonry adhesive in detail.

    1. Thin Joint:- The masonry block adhesive spreads easily and smoothly without taking much space. Their thickness is less, which means the joint formed is thin. High coverage is provided because of this reason. This structure is more desirable rather than the one with thick joints, which is generally formed when sand mortar is used. This also means that less adhesive will be required since the masonry adhesive is efficient and useful in small quantities rather than huge amounts.
    1. Time saver:- The masonry adhesive comes pre-mixed. This means that only a small amount of water is required to be added to the adhesive on site. It saves a lot of time as you do not have to wait to add different materials to make the perfect adhesive, as in the case of regular mortar. This results in a quicker construction process as the masonry wall will be prepared for upcoming procedures. Wastage is reduced as it can be mixed easily and applied rapidly.
    1. Cost-effective:- Since the masonry adhesive is pre-mixed and is applied quickly, the construction process speeds up. As a result, the overhead costs are reduced. Also, the workers will work quickly, reducing the cost of labour. Thus, the costs will be saved compared to regular mortar, which will increase the cost of construction as its preparation and application are a time-consuming process.
    1. Provides insulation:- One of the main benefits of masonry adhesive is that it acts as a thermal insulator. It prevents and regulates the passage of heat through the walls. This is possible because of its thin joint. This will not be possible in the case of regular mortar.
    1. Lower wastage:- Masonry adhesive just needs some water to be prepared as it comes prepared in the package. This ensures that the adhesive can be mixed easily and applied rapidly and smoothly. This reduces the wastage of the adhesive. Also, it ensures the cleanliness of the site because of its convenient transportation, usage, and mixing.

    Using masonry adhesive or cement block mortar mainly depends on their use. Generally, the larger project uses cement mortar. Small projects can use mortar adhesive. A wall over three feet should use cement mortar. That’s because it is very strong and long-lasting, and there won’t be any risk of things falling or bricks getting loose. Thus, the application of masonry adhesive and block mortar depends on their end purpose. For the best quality masonry block adhesive, trust only Trimurti. Trimurti is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of wall care products.