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Commonly Asked Questions About Wall Putty

    To complete the overall process of construction and get the desired results, it is very important to include all the right materials and products. Every part of the construction process plays a very important role in presenting the best result. This is why even before starting the paint on the structures, it is very important to have the layer of wall putty on it so that it can provide a smooth canvass for the paint, and results will come out very good.

    People ask many common questions about the wall putty. Here is the list of the few stated below.

    • How many types of wall putty are available in the market?

    So, the answer to this question is that there are two types of wall putty available in the market i.e., White cement putty and Acrylic wall putty. The white cement wall putty is made up of white cement that has additional polymers and minerals in it. It can be used for both interior and exterior use as it has the superior binding trait in it. On the other hand, acrylic wall putty is a water-based solution that is only suitable for interior use. Even its binding trait is not that superiors to that of the white cement putty.

    • What to apply first putty or primer first?

    Before applying any of these things, it is very important to ensure that all the traces of grease, dust, oil paint, and wallpapers are completely scratched off the wall. If the condition of the wall is very uneven, then it is better to first fill all the gaps with the putty. Otherwise, if the condition of the wall is okay, then the only primer can be applied to the wall before painting.

    • Are there any disadvantages of wall putty?

    The application of the wall putty will provide the best finish of the paint. But the only drawback of this is that skilled workers should handle this material. If the wall putty dries off and becomes hard, it cannot be reused.

    • What are the advantages of wall putty?

    There are a bunch of advantages of the application of wall putty that includes that it is resistant to moisture, smooth out the finish of the wall. Even the application of the wall putty will not allow the paint to flake out easily.

    • What is the difference between POP and wall putty?

    Some people think that both these are the same material, but it is not like that. Pop Plaster of Paris and is the fine, gypsum-based powder, while the wall putty is like the white cement that has added minerals in it. POP is used to make different designs on the wall, whereas the wall putty is used to even out the wall.

    So, wall putty is very important for the wall as it makes the paint more durable. You can contact wall putty experts for more details. Trimurti is one of the best wall putty suppliers in the market; expect only the best quality products at the most reasonable prices here. You can call us for more queries.