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wall putty

How Wall Putty Brings Back the Life on Your Walls?

    You might build a house of your choice, but what will you do to make it come alive? A house is a non-living thing that gives you inner solace when you return home after a hectic day. Wherever you go, you always want to return to your small dwelling space. However, if the interior space of your living has your personal touch, it will bring alive the life of your house.

    Painting is a way to express your thoughts and bring them alive in your living space. You can create a sensation on your walls with your creative thinking. Texture painting is a way to bring life to the walls. However, you might have a wrong notion about painting. Selecting a good quality paint is enough to obtain a high finish on the walls. However, it is not always true. Besides selecting good quality paint, you should also focus on the coating on the wall before painting. This coating can be of the wall putty.

    Some Facts About Wall Putty

    Cement is usually a chemical that is calcium silicate that finds application as the binding substance in construction. The cement mixture consists of other particles like gravel and sand also. It is one of the main ingredients in construction and forms a preliminary layer on the wall surface. 

    Wall putty is a form of a chemical powder that forms a type of cement that has the texture of the fine, grainy white powder. A coat on the walls with white wall putty before painting helps to create a smooth base on the wall. Putting the paint on top of the wall putty gives a smooth finish to the walls. It enhances the look of the paint. You can give a coating of wall putty even you have dry or wet walls. It adds a finer dimension to painting on the exterior and interior walls.

    Benefits of Using Wall Putty

    A Flat Surface

    The primary advantage of using wall putty before applying paint is that it reduces unwanted undulations on the wall. It ensures a smooth paint experience. It increases the shelf life of the paint on the walls and prevents the degradation of the paint layer.

    One Wall Putty and Various Purposes

    The wall putty serves a dual function. It provides a smooth finish on the walls for better paint application and also protects the walls. Many people do not have a clear idea about the protective function of the wall putty. The wall putty provides an effective bonding platform. It attaches the concrete base of the walls to that of the plaster and provides immense strength to the walls. The surface tension between the wall putty and the plaster surface also acts as a water repellent. It restricts the incoming moisture particles from the atmosphere and keeps the walls damp-proof.

    Cost-Effective Solution

    The wall putty application is a one-stop solution to all your problems. Applying wall putty on the walls before painting can considerably reduce the painting cost. As it provides a smooth paint base, there is a decrease in paint consumption.

    Want to bring life to your walls? You cannot trust only the paint but wall putty also. It will bring out the true essence of your wall color and impart a glossy finish. The wall putty does not produce flakes and keeps your walls lively for years.