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Benefits Of Wall Putty

    Wall putty is usually water based. It is among the best items of its type available in the market. It provides a durable, strong foundation for walls and enables the best performance from finish paints, both in durability and looks.

     Putty is meant for filling and smoothing out dents and cracks on interior surfaces like the plastered wall. It has a strong hold on the surface of the wall and enhances life of the paint. One can source putty from wall putty manufacturers in NOIDA.


    • It is a must to properly cure the surface prior to application. This is true mainly of hot regions. One should moisten the surface before applying putty. Unfortunately this is not done in 95% of cases.
    • It is good to do one curing after applying putty coat.
    • One coat is sufficient for sealing the surface as third and second coat of putty creates a super smooth surface that is harmful for anchoring of exterior paint and reduces the performance.

    Comparison With Pop

    Wall putty focuses on white powder or cement. It is made for inside walls and outer surface which is used to give a defensive base, especially for costly paints. Also it is used to fill up pores in roofs and walls. For minor applications, putty can be applied using spray or a brush.

    POP (Plaster of Paris) is not tough to level and spread. It is fire resistant and forms a thick surface to combat typical thumps after the process of drying. It provides a great inner finish and combines easily with water.

    The extra smoothness of putty surface reduces use of paint. It reduces the dry film thickness of the paints. It acts as a base material required to structure defensive layers to weather rain, sun and any contamination.

     POP is used as part of some applications: It has rapid setting and hard drying. It will not break the same way as wall putty. Wall putty is used as wide application for dry wall joints and fixing. Setting time depends on the brand you buy.

    Wall Putty suppliers in NOIDA will help you choose the right brand of wall putty.