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Uses Of Cement Primer

    You have got ready raw materials for your DIY painting project like lots of tarp, roller brushes, painter’s tape and a gallon of carefully selected paint. You are waiting with bated breath about how the vibrant paint will look over the dull concrete floor or wall.

    But maybe you are forgetting something: In case you wish to paint a surface made of concrete, whether outside or inside your home, it is vital that you prepare the wall or floor with great care. One most important step is to use a primer of good quality.

    The primer acts as very good go-between connecting paint and concrete surfaces. Application of primer ensures that the paint will stay undamaged by providing necessary texture for paint to stick to the surface. One can use cement primer water based product.

     In case you invest in top quality paint, but do not use primer, you will find the paint flaking and peeling over time. Before starting your project, you must consider the various types of primer available.


    Whether you are painting indoors or outdoors, primer is an absolute must, if you wish to make the floor or wall to look perfect. There are four types of cement primer:

    • Acrylic primer

    Because concrete is highly absorptive in nature, an oil based primer will not provide the ideal surface to paint. Therefore many of the popular primers are made of water and acrylic. This is able to absorb into the concrete, attaching to the surface and making the best surface for applying paint.

    • Polyurethane primer

    This primer is useful for surfaces with imperfections or stains. The primer made of polyurethane offers a strong grip for paint on concrete surface and can resist most kinds of damage.

    • Epoxy primer

    Though it gives a really thin finish, it forms a strong bond to concrete. This primer is really able to absorb into the concrete and creates a strong grip on the concrete surface meant for painting. Since this primer is very durable, it is most suitable for commercial or industrial buildings.

    • Silane penetrating  sealer

    This primer is ideal for outdoor use because it is moisture resistant and helps protect concrete from extreme changes in temperature.

     These are some of the types of cement wall primer.