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The Correct way to Use Plaster of Paris

    Plaster of paris is one of those products which can be used for various purposes- from coating walls of houses to making small models. A basic chemical property helps this material in functioning like this which is pretty easy to understand.

    However it is quite rare that you find people using plaster of paris the way they should, especially when it comes to an amateur. So if you have contacted plaster of paris suppliers in Rajasthan and are waiting for your stock to arise, then you should get to know how to use this product in the right way. Here is a short demo.

    The right way to mix plaster of paris

    Creating the perfect plaster of paris mixture is not by simply adding water to the powder. In fact you are supposed to do it in the other way and certain tricky measurements are also involved. For the ideal plaster of paris mixture, you need to mix two parts of the powder with one part of water. How do you make sure of that? Well, the first thing that you need to do is switch off the fan, since plaster of paris is a powder which can disperse very easily. Second, you need to cover your hands with rubber gloves since this is something that should never be done with uncovered hands. If kids are trying this out, then make sure that an adult is always present. Now in a container of water, you will have to slowly add the powder. When adding the powder make sure that it is not concentrated on one place only; so ideally you should sprinkle. Then tap the sides of the container with the help of your spatula, instead of mixing the water and the powder. It is very important that you get the best quality material from the POP distributor in Rajasthan for this to work. If you see that the powder has risen above the level of the water and refuses to dissolve, then slowly get rid of any air bubbles that might have been formed and then mix it well. You can add acrylic paint in it to make it coloured.

    So when you make a plaster of paris mixture, do follow these steps very carefully.