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What are the Benefits of Block Mortar?

    We all dream of our house to be unique and strong. We have to make many decisions while building or constructing a building. Much planning, quality construction material, creative ideas, skilled engineers, etc. are involved in constructing a house. So, the owner needs to be very particular about the construction process and his/her budget. To build an innovative building, it is very important to choose those strong enough products that have high strength. Among all the products, block mortar is one of the main elements in building the walls of the house. This is used to build strong walls and is applied to join the bricks with each other.

    Block jointing mortar is ready to mix and use cement, graded sand, and other materials used between bricks to strengthen and water retention properties. It is very much important to use the superior quality of mortar; otherwise, you will face problems in the future. So never compromise with the quality of joining mortar. The jointing mortar can be used in layering various types of concrete bricks, AAC blocks, stones, etc. There are many manufacturers among which ‘Trimurti’ is considered as the best manufacturer of AAC block jointing mortar and other materials. A layer of 2-3mm of jointing mortar can do wonders, and you can enjoy a host of distinct benefits. The mixture of mortar is blended with various polymers that impart strength and no cracks.

    Following are some of the benefits of block mortar:

    • Imparts strength- The main aim of the mortar is to provide strength to the walls. It has some amazing adhesive properties which increase the power and holding capacity.
    • Great coverage– Only 2-3mm of the layer will do the job. It can be used on both the external and internal walls of the house.
    • Ready to use- No extra ingredients are required to make the paste. Water is enough to make the material and is ready to use. It becomes very convenient, and there is no mess while using it.
    • No water curing- Due to water retention properties, there is no need for water curing.
    • Cost-effective- It is used to cover the walls and plays a major role in strengthening it. So no other material is required if using block mortar. It is better than the conventional cement-based mortar.
    • No heat transfers- Thin joints between the AAC blocks prevent heat transfer through the walls, making the room warm during winters and cool during summers.
    • Avoid cracks- It helps to keep the wall in its exact position and avoid any kind of shrinkage and better levelling.

    Above all, the benefits are using block mortar for a strong construction. Always prefer to choose the superior quality mortar if you want to avoid future uncertainties. There are many manufacturers of cement block jointing mortar, so make sure to go through the recommendations and reviews before choosing. Do contact your service provider if you are not able to decide. They will help you out without any hassle and complete the task effortlessly.