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Innovative Ways To Wow With Plaster Of Paris

    We all want attractive and decorative homes. Many interior designers use creativity to add uniqueness to the house. These days, people’s standards are judged by their standard of living. So, people always want some creativity in their houses for a wow factor. Many interior designers use Plaster of Paris which is a flexible material and is easy to use.

    It is available in dry powder form and is mixed with water to form a paste. Unlike wall putty, it does not shrink and it eliminates the risk of cracks as well. It is very light-weight and is not used for holding things together. It is used for medical grounds, for making toys and modeling, etc. It is fire resistance which makes it perfect for dry walls. There is a number of Plaster of Paris Manufacturers India who offers the best quality POP.

    You can easily use it in easy steps. Clean the area with sandpaper to get rid of dirt, dust, or grease. Mix plaster of Paris with water according to the consistency you want. On average, 6 oz. of water is required for 1 lb. of plaster. Damp the area with a sponge or cloth to moisten it. Apply it to the required area. You can use a putty knife if you want to fill in the crack. After filling, you can apply interior paint to give it a finished look. So it is a 4-step easy process of using Plaster of Paris. Following are some points to use it in different ways:

    • On ceilings- This is often used by the designers on the ceiling. The shapes are cut out off the light boards which act as a stencil. Then Plaster of Paris is applied to the area with the board where ever you want. According to the interior of the space, you can choose the mold which will suit the room and create a cultural statement.
    • On the walls- You can use creativity by giving your walls a funky texture like hand mound shapes or face smiles. You can do a lot of experimentation with pop with different shapes and textures.
    • On the door borders- Plaster of Paris can add a dimension to your window area by adding various kinds of borders whether simple or detailed designing. This adds an amazing look to the room.
    • Accessories- It is very fun to see some home accessories as decorative items made up of Plaster of Paris. A pot for plants with a unique design or a bowl kept in the center of the dining table made up of POP looks very appealing. You can also get a piece of wall with POP frames and borders.

    So the above points are some ways to use POP which will enhance the look of your house. But use all the safety measures while using it as it releases lots of heat while mixing. Also, fine dust particles just get into your nose while preparing the mixture. Also, never use POP on the exterior area and in the bathroom due to high moisture. As there are many manufacturers, you can get the best Plaster of Paris very easily. Just go through the recommendation on the internet.