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Gypsum plaster of Paris
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Advantages Of Gypsum Plaster

    We all want clean and smooth finished walls for our room. It makes our room look neat and tidy. Smoothly finished walls can make a simple house look appealing to the eyes. So it is very important to pay attention to the walls while construction or while renovation of the house. From a long time, sand cement plaster is being used to finish the walls. But lately, Gypsum plaster of Paris has put an edge over the cement plaster. Gypsum plaster is becoming a trend and has become the first choice of many due to its amazing properties and advantages.

    Gypsum plaster can be categorized on the basis of its application as casting gypsum powder, undercoat gypsum powder, finish gypsum powder, one coat gypsum powder and machine applied gypsum plaster. It is very light-weight so it does not increase the structural load of the construction. It does not shrink like cement plaster and is very less prone to cracks. It also helps in increasing the durability of the metal construction fittings. So it helps in giving an appealing finish to any kind of bricks or blocks masonry of the construction. This act as a shield for the bricks and blocks by protecting them from rain. There are many kinds of plasters available such as lime, clay, mud and gypsum plaster. But gypsum is the most common one among all due to its amazing advantages.

    Following are some of the benefits of gypsum plaster:

    • Less construction time- Unlike cement plaster, gypsum requires less setting time i.e. minimum 3-4 days. Cement plaster requires at least 20 days setting and it also requires constant water curing.
    • Environmental friendly- Gypsum is obtained naturally from the lake, seawater or from the sedimentary rocks. It can be used in other fields as well rather than just construction such as agriculture, medicines etc.
    • No water curing- Gypsum plaster set on its own and does not require water curing. This saves lots of time and efforts and also saves water. Due to no water requirement, it can be used in those regions where there is less water.
    • Eliminates cracks- Gypsum eliminates the risks of cracks and gives a smooth wall for painting. Also, gypsum can be used on cement sand to fill in the cracks for even finishing.
    • Easy application- After mixing the gypsum powder with water, it turns out to be a smooth paste. It glides very easily on the surface area and gives you a smooth wall. It is very versatile and can make many designs on the walls with the help of the light board.
    • Heat insulation- Gypsum plaster is considered best to maintain room temperature. Especially in India, the summer season is very large, so it will help you to maintain the pleasant room temperature and you will decrease the use of the air conditioner. This will save some electricity, hence reduce the costs.

    And there are many more advantages of gypsum plaster. Before buying from the manufacturer, discuss with them about your requirement. They will surely help you to get the desired one.