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cement block jointing mortar

How to Work with Block Jointing Mortar

    To build a wall, or a room, or a building, it is very important to choose a strong and high-quality mortar which consists of cement, sand and other polymers. A layer of 3-5 mm is enough to build a concrete masonry unit (CMU). A jointing mortar is a pre-mixture of ingredients which is easy to use and give great results. Its thin layer can do your work. Block jointing mortar act as a strong adhesive to build or construct a concrete AAC block. It has high water-retention capabilities and gives great strength. There are many mortar joint suppliers in India providing in required quantities with guaranteed best quality.

    Its thin bed application helps in providing the best finishing and it is applicable on all the types of blocks such as Autoclave aerated concrete (AAC), flatbed concrete blocks, fly ash bricks etc. For applying it, you can follow the following steps:

    • Surface preparation- Before applying the joint mortar; make sure to prepare the surface by cleaning the blocks by using a wire brush, mopping or water jets etc. Try to get rid of all the excess dirt and dust. Make sure to wet the bricks or blocks or concrete blocks. If you are repairing, you can chisel down the old mortar stick to it. You can use a hammer or grinder to remove the mortar for a clean smooth surface. Try to get out at least ¾ old mortars for the smooth application.
    • Mixing- It is always advisable to add 25% of the water of the total mixture. Mix it well to avoid any lumps. It should be a smooth mixture and should not be in water consistency. The mixture should be prepared in a manner that when applied, it can be applied evenly and smoothly.
    • Application- Apply a layer of 2-3 mm on the brick or block with the help of masonry trowel for smooth supplication. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the mixture as it can lead to cracks.
    • Monitor- After the application part, wait for a while and you can remove the excess mortar from the sides or from the areas from where it is dripping. You can wait from 30 minutes or when you feel that mortar is getting stiff. Afterwards, you can spray some water on the wall as per the experts. It will help to give the moisture and you can cover it with a plastic sheet to retain more moisture.

    So a smooth mixture will give you even application of the joint mortar. The best thing is that it does not get hard within 24 hours that means you get plenty of time to apply it without worrying about getting it hard. Also, the making process is very easy. You can keep the left joint mortar for at least 6 months from the date of manufacture.

    There are plenty of masonry block adhesive manufacturers providing strong jointing mortar which is suitable on all kinds of blocks. They are available in different quantity, so don’t worry if you don’t want it in bulk quantity.