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Trimurti products Platinum Tile Adhesive

Platinum Tile Adhesive: Best for Fixing Tiles

    Gone are those times when sand and cement were used for installing tiles and marbles in the buildings. Being formed of a thin set of polymer, platinum tile adhesive is considered the best material for fixing different types of tiles on a surface. Below-mentioned is some benefits of the platinum tile adhesive. 

    Mentioning benefits of platinum tile adhesive:

    Below are mentioned some benefits of platinum tile adhesive:

    • Higher bond strength: Platinum tile adhesive material provides high bond strength and excellent adhesion to every type of porous and non-porous tile. This polymer adhesive glue is flexible and acts as a great insulator to heat, low temperatures, and water making it best to use for specifically wet locations. 
    • Easy application: Platinum tile adhesive material can be directly applied on the surface without much difficulty. There is no need to apply several coats of this specific adhesive glue. Only one application can hold any type of tiles for quite a long time. With proper tools and techniques, professionals can also remove the platinum tile adhesive without damaging the tiles or marble. 
    • Affordable to use: Platinum adhesive tile is an affordable material. There is no need to stock a large number of bags of this particular mixture as its single application is enough to hold the tiles strongly. Therefore, to save your money, do contact platinum adhesive tile manufacturers in India and get economical material for installing tiles in your building. 
    • Working quality: It is an optimal tile adhesive material that is easy to use as its thin application allows it to easily spread out without much effort. One can see its effects within a few seconds. Being a very adaptable product, it can be used in any weather or temperature. Platinum adhesive material produces low thermal temperature preventing the surface from getting heated.

    Mixing and using platinum adhesive tiles: 

    Steps to form the mixture:

    1. Take clean water and add a platinum tile adhesive mix; stir the mix until a thick creamy mixture is not formed.
    2. Remember to mix the platinum tile adhesive and water in the ratio of around 4:1, respectively. For example, if you use 20 kg of platinum tile adhesive, add 5 to 7 litres of water.
    3. Before applying the mixture, allow it to stand for at least 10 minutes and then mix it again. 

    Applications of the mixture:

    1. Platinum tile adhesive is not only used for floors but also for walls, no matter in the interior or exterior of the house.
    2. Professional use the mixture of platinum tile adhesive to fix the tiles onto concrete, cement plaster bloc work, and brickwork. 
    3. This particular mixture can be used for the thin or thick bed fixing of every type of tiles such as terracotta, marble, mosaic, natural stone, and many other tiles. 

    Now that you know the benefits, procedure of forming the mixture, and applications of platinum tile adhesives, use it to fix the beautiful tiles to provide an exotic look to your house.