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Trimurti products Wally Putty: Benefits and Application

Wally Putty: Benefits and Application

    Putty is a cementitious material, the main purpose of which is to make the surface of the walls even for further smooth applications of the paint coats. Depending on your requirement or budget, you can get either white cement-based putty or acrylic putty from the wall putty manufacturers. Here in this article are listed some benefits and procedures of application of wall putty. 

    Mentioning the benefits of wall putty for constructing buildings:

    Below mentioned are some vital benefits of using wall putty for the construction of buildings:

    • With the application of wall putty, the lifespan of wall paint can be increased.
    • The tensile strength of the wall is improved to a great extent.
    • You can provide the walls of your building with a smoother finish by applying putty on them.
    • Appropriate application of putty on the walls brings out the actual shade of the paint.
    • The walls of your space will remain moisture-resistant. 
    • Application of wall putty act as a cost-effective way that helps in reducing the consumption of the paint needed for painting the walls. 
    • Wall putty neither gets easily damaged, nor it gets flaked. 

    Steps-by-step application of wall putty:

    By following the below-explained procedure of the application of wall putty, one can get the best results: 

    • Apply after primer: Before the application of primer or putty, make sure that the wall is free of traces of dust, oil, or grease. In case there are any cracks, then fill them with putty and even out the surface. Always keep in mind to apply wall putty only after the first coat of the primer has been dried. 
    • Check the surface before application: It is essential to conduct the exercise of surface groundwork. During this particular process, do not forget to wear safety goggles and a mask to avoid any breathing problems. The tools that are required to apply putty on walls are a paintbrush, putty knife, clean piece of cloth, scraper, water, and a sanding block.
    • Remove loose materials: For better application of wall putty, it is essential to get rid of all loose materials. In case there are holes in the walls, then these are to be made free of dust and grease. Either use a screwdriver or sandpaper to remove the loose flakes from the walls. 
    • The final application: Now that walls have been prepared for the application of putty, make a smooth paste of the wall putty chosen by you depending on interior or exterior application. Gradually add water into the mix of wall putty and stir it to form the paste of wall putty with appropriate consistency. The paste is prone to get dry within 2 or 3 hours, so use it quickly. To prevent the drying of the paste, you can cover it with a moist cloth. 

    Bottom Line

    Many people think that the selection of the right shades of paint is enough to provide the walls of their building with a good finish. However, they don’t know that wall putty is the one that brings out the right shade of paint on the walls.