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Wall Putty - Solution for Uneven Walls
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Wall Putty- Solution for Uneven Walls

    Wall putty is nothing but the smooth, equal leveled layer on the wall, before paint is applied to it. It enhances the beauty of walls and paints applied to it. It can be utilized for interior as well as exterior purposes. With its introduction in the market, it began to be used widely for treating walls. Wall putty for holes in the walls can also be used to fill the holes.

    The two kinds of wall putty are:

    • White paint wall putty
    • Acrylic wall putty

    White paint wall putty:

    • It is a mixture of white cement, polymers, and minerals.
    • It can be utilized for interior and as well as exterior purposes.
    • Ithas excellent binding characteristics and thus is more widely used.

     Acrylic wall putty:

    • It is a water-based solvent for the wall.
    • It is mostly adequate for interiors.
    • It can be utilized as a substitute to white cement putty.

    Some precautions or methods should be considered while its application that are as follows:

    • Before application of wall putty, primer should be applied. And after this primer is dried, then only wall putty is applied.
    • More than one layer of wall putty is needed and there should be a considerable time between them to allow complete drying up.
    • After the layer has dried, it requires to be smoothened up with sandpaper.
    • It should be ensured that the wall is completely free from dust, dirt, or any other thing on it that might prevent it from having a smooth layer.

    Wall putty helps in creating a smooth layer on the wall that helps in even painting on the walls. It mixes well with concrete and creates a base. It heals in cracks and faults in the wall and gives a final and excellent look to the paint. It is said to have tensile strength because of which the paint applied on it tends to have a longer life. It helps in avoiding moisture in walls that leads to cracks. It protects the walls for a longer time and helps in avoiding cracks and faults.

    It also comes with a few disadvantages that are as follows:

    • It makes the whole process of wall painting long and expensive.
    • Best quality wall putty should only be preferred for excellent results.
    • It is not easy to apply wall putty. It can be applied by skilled workers only who can properly maintain the smoothness and evenness of the wall.
    • Wet wall putty is applied because once it becomes dry; it gets hardened up and becomes useless. It can be applied with a stirrer only. No random tools can be used.

    Wall putty is completely different from the Plaster of Paris(POP).

    • Wall putty is a layer used for even walls whereas POP is utilized for ornamental purposes.
    • POP is a powder whereas wall putty is a white cement-based solution.

    Wall putty is generally prepared in the small batches according to use since it gets dried very fast.