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POP Jali

Which is Better – POP Jali Or Gypsum?

    Nowadays, everyone wants to make their house look as beautiful as possible, which is why people are using new techniques and equipment to create the best look. If you are also trying to get that surprised look on your guests’ faces when they see your house, then spicing up your interior design is the way to achieve that. There are numerous things to do with your design but before choosing anything, you should look at the reliability of the design so that you don’t end up spending too much money on something useless.

    The trend of false ceilings is getting a grip because people are getting more and more interested in the look of down ceilings. Down ceilings can be created with the help of POP Jali, and you can get the best POP Jali from the top POP Jali manufacturers like Trimurti.

    Trimurti provides the best quality POP Jali at the most affordable rates so that you can achieve the most modern look in your house without spending too much money. POP Jali can be used for various other purposes like creating new designs on the edges of walls or roofs, down ceiling, and many more. If you are going to create these designs at your home, then it is important to choose good quality material because the quality will determine the reliability of the design. There are different materials available for the down ceiling, so here is a comparison between POP Jali and Gypsum based on different measures:

    • Durability and reliability: POP Jalis known for its durability because it is highly durable than Gypsum. POP Jali is also used for filling up the cracks, which means that this material is not prone to cracking. Gypsum, on the other hand, can crack easily, which is why POP Jali provided by Trimurti is better than Gypsum for any purpose.

    • Flexibility: if you are going for curved designs or any designs in general, then it is better to use POP Jali because it is way more flexible than Gypsum. POP Jali is perfect for moulding into curved spaces and it can give very beautiful effects when used in different ways.

    Easy to handle: Gypsum is easy to handle, but POP Jali is even easier to handle than Gypsum. It mixes with water to form a smooth mixture and can be easily levelled. Gypsum can sometimes be hard to handle, as it can be hard to mix with water.

    • Adhesion properties: POP Jali has the best adhesion properties because it produces a smooth paste with water, which is perfect for smooth levelling. The mixture gives a smooth appearance and makes everything look flawless. Gypsum can also give a smooth finish, but it is not as smooth as POP Jali.

    • Affordability: POP Jali is cheaper than Gypsum and explained earlier, it is better than Gypsum.

    If you are looking for top POP Jali wholesalers, then Trimurti is perfect for you because they provide the highest quality POP Jali at the most affordable prices so that your dream for a beautiful house can be fulfilled.